How to set up SSTP VPN on Debian/Ubuntu

Guide how to set VPN with SSTP protocol up

VPN, Virtual Private Network, is currently used by a large number of employees working from home for secured connection to a remote corporate network. VPN SSTP, which is one of the many VPN types, we use and offer very often in our datacenter and we will show you how to set it up on the operating system Windows and the Linux distribution Ubuntu 20.04.

Anti-COVID precautions at Coolhousing Datacenter

Datacenter against Covid

Our priorities are not only network, system and clients technology security, but also health of our employees and yours, our customers. Since the beginning of this week, we have extended precautions, which should reduce a community transmissions of COVID-19 on the lowest level.

Critical vulnerability of linux and unix systems

Linux and Unix systems at risk

If you use Sudo within administration of your linux or unix systems, be careful and upgrade it as soon as possible.

High Vulnerability of Remote Console Management

Server remote management vulnerability

If you use the remote management IPMI 2.0 for server configuration, be careful. There is a vulnerability, which can compromise security of your servers.

PF 2021

Pour FĂ©liciter 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Managed server - project evaluation

Review of our managed server and service project

The hapiness of our customers is the most important for our datacenter. We would like to show you entire evaluation of the project cloud development, based on our managed server after more than one year of cooperation with Say IT company.

Black Friday

Black Friday of dedicated servers with huge discount up to 40%

Black Friday of dedicated servers with a discount up to 40% until this Friday. Do not miss this special sale and be ready for new projects in 2021.

Server transport to datacenter for free

Colocation with transfer to datacenter for free

Do you need to colocate your server at our datacenter, however Prague is so far from you, or you do not want to travel to avoid any social contacts? We have new benefit for you – the transport of your technologies to our datacenter for free!

10 Gbps: raise your bar of connection on the new level

10 Gbps for colocation

Since September 2020, the conditions for providing of the connectivity have been slightly, but significantly updated. We have made a price reduction of all colocation connections and the speed connection bar for client servers has been raised a lot higher. Now you can connect your server to the 10 Gbps line only from € 36 per month.

News from Coolhousing

New information from datacenter

We have hot news from the Coolhousing datacenter for you, after a long break. We have been working intensively on new services, upgrades and innovations since the spring. All these we will gradually introduce to you in detail during the autumn, and some of them we are going to briefly introduce to you right now. So let's do it!