Limited phone line availability

Phone line will be limited

Due to the update of VoIP services, it will not be possible to call at phone line +420 220 000 900 on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Massive power outage checked our data center

Power outage in Prague

A massive power outage in Prague tested the backup power infrastructure of our data center on both power supplies. And the result? Without a single service outage!

The Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Apache Log4j Issue

Before the Christmas holidays, all Czech and foreign media reported on the vulnerability of the most popular java logging framework log4j, which is part of not only Apache products. To avoid possible problems, please, upgrade at least to version 2.15.0-rc2.

PF 2022

Pour FĂ©liciter 2022

Merry Christmas and healthy, successful, prosperous new year 2022 with new ideas, energy and juice!

Save 40% of server electricity consumption costs

Spare a lot of money thanks our transparent billing of electricity consumption

Reduce the negative influence of the increase in electric power prices and save tens of euros per year in the colocation. How it all works you can discover in this article.

Price reduction of dedicated server

Reduction of dedicated server price

We have significantly reduced a price of our hexacored dedicated server Barebone R5 1600. Enjoy an excellent performance reserved only for you starting from € 27 per month! This discount is limited by amount of servers in our stock. Thus, do not miss this special price!

We got ISO certifications

ISO certificates in our datacenter

We have reached another important milestone in the history of our datacenter. Since August 2021 we have been ISO 9001 and 27001 certified

How to set up SSTP VPN on Windows

Guide how to set VPN with SSTP protocol up on Windows

In the last article, we guided you how to set up the virtual private network, better known as the VPN with SSTP on the Linux distribution Debian. Now, we will pay attention to the VPN settings on the operating system Windows.

How to set up SSTP VPN on Debian/Ubuntu

Guide how to set VPN with SSTP protocol up

VPN, Virtual Private Network, is currently used by a large number of employees working from home for secured connection to a remote corporate network. VPN SSTP, which is one of the many VPN types, we use and offer very often in our datacenter and we will show you how to set it up on the operating system Windows and the Linux distribution Ubuntu 20.04.

Anti-COVID precautions at Coolhousing Datacenter

Datacenter against Covid

Our priorities are not only network, system and clients technology security, but also health of our employees and yours, our customers. Since the beginning of this week, we have extended precautions, which should reduce a community transmissions of COVID-19 on the lowest level.