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News about dedicated servers and services

We have a lot of news within dedicated servers and our services for you. Are you ready?

Mining Colocation – Professional services for cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining Colocation

The cryptocurrencies leaded by the Bitcoin grow up again and this is a right signal for many miners to turn on mining equipment. But the noise, poor cooling, and connectivity could make some difficulties than good award. The Coolhousing Datacenter will take care of your mining equipment in all stages.

Successful revision of the second circuit of central UPS

Successful inspection of UPS in server room

We informed you about scheduled service inspection of the second circuit of the central UPS in the second half of March. Revision was scheduled on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and successfully completed.

Cool !T News 101

Cool IT News 101

Welcome to the last Cool IT News. We have changed and added new topics for better and easier overview

What is SSL and How to Handle It - part 3

How install SSL certificate with ISPConfig

In the third and final part about the SSL certificate, we will take a look at SSL installation using ISPConfig and its redirection. Congratulations, you're just a step away from having a secure webserver!

Cool IT News 100

Cool IT News 100

Cool IT News no. 100 brings you a unique collection of news from the previous period. We will look at how CZ.NIC published a detailed analysis of registrations of the national domain CZ last year. Google announced GSoC and also offered a registration of new TLD domain.

What is SSL and How to Handle It - part 2

How install SSL certificate with Webmin

In the previous part, we've explained what SSL is and how it works. In the second part, we'll take a look at how to obtain this certificate and how to install it using Virtualmin/Webmin.

What is SSL and How to Handle It - part 1

SSL certificate and how to install it

Welcome to the next three-part COOLHOUSING datacenter manual that will introduce you an SSL certificate and advise you how to secure your webserver using this certificate through Webmin or ISPConfig. Let's take a look at it!

Cool IT News 99

Cool IT News 99

After a short break, we have the most interesting Cool news from IT for you. Check with us a death of one social network, a progress in forgotten operating system, or news from one of the most popular browsers.

Virtual servers with SSD storage

Virtual server with SSD

At the beginning of February 2019, we have published a brand new offer of virtual servers. New models of VPS are equipped with SSD storage and price starts from 10,35 EUR/month and includes automatic backup through snapshots 7 days back for free!