Coolhousing Data center and its server room

Professional hosting and colocation

Coolhousing Data Center

Virtual server

from € 5,18 monthly

Complex and high-performance Linux and Windows VPS based on Redhat KVM excellent technology

Free full root/admin access

Unlimited connection up to 1 Gbps

Activation VPS until 2 minutes

Data backup 7 days back

Anti-DDoS protection for free


Server Colocation

from € 30,91 monthly

Professional colocation of rack and tower servers, that perfectly adapts to your needs

Real server power consumption billing only

Anti-DDoS protection included

Unlimited connection 1 Gbps or more

Case-size based price adaptation

Support and access to DC 24/7


Dedicated server

from € 51,30 monthly

When you need reliability, performance and security: Dedicated server

Full HW service 24/7 included

Connectivity up to 10 Gbps (NIX and Transit)

Custom server configuration

Anti-DDoS protection for free

Option to buy the server after 2 years of rent

Brand Coolhousing Data center
Security, Transparency Individual approach

We are reliable long-term partners who pay attention to high quality connectivity, functional IT solutions that makes good sense and provide a quality background for technologies and servers in a data center with three modern and air-conditioned server rooms that meet ISO:9001 and 27001 certifications.


years of experience


professinal servers


modern server rooms


Gbps connectivity

Colocation benefits

Over 20 years of operating IT services, we know what a properly functional IT project needs. These benefits are part of all server housing and hosting services completely and always for free.

Technical support 24/7

Experienced operator available 24/7/365 in the data center covering all weekends and holidays.

Another benefits

Unlimited connectivity

Low latency and unlimited data top-quality connectivity for every service plan.

Our network

Transparent power billing

We bill the power consumption based on real input measurement.

About consumption

Individual approach

Any specific requirements for IT solution? We prepare a configuration that suits your needs.

Send requirements

Online administration

Network settings, server consumption or authorized personnel list, all can be controlled online through the Control panel.

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High Availability regime

High service availability through redundant cascade of UPS and diesel generators.

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Rely onour services

We are a reliable partners for hundrets of Czech and international companies.

"With Coolhousing we have been working together since 2017. From the beginning of our cooperation, we have always appreciated fast and friendly dealings, whether in the form of personal communication or solving requests through the ticketing system. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the services provided (dedicated servers, connectivity, services) and there have been no unreported service outages or delays in the provision of services and support during the entire period of our operation. Cooperation with colleagues from DC Coolhousing is excellent, both on a personal and professional level, and enables a quick and friendly solution to our needs".

"I don't like senseless delays when arranging business, especially in telecommunications. A Coolhousing's personal approach helps us react more flexibly to the demands of our clients, and this is another reason why since 2008 years it has been our important partner for colocation services".

testimonial Tele3
TELE3 s.r.o. Webhosting company

"We have been using Coolhousing's rack colocation service since the beginning operation of our servers. Our experience with quality and stability of service is very good. We also appreciate the technical level and good data availability centers, responsiveness to our often non-standard requirements, willingness, technical competence and quick responses of customer support - all this for reasonable price. Coolhousing is a competent and trustworthy partner for us, with which we easily and gladly cooperate".

testimonial Mama AI
The Mama AI, SE Cloud and AI Experts
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