Complete installation and administration

Are your servers getting beyond your control? Do you not want to simply cannot employ your own administrators? Entrust care and maintenance of your servers to our experts. We offer installation services and server administration and maintenance.

Dedicated connectivity

If you operate and run applications which demand high-speed and high quality of connection such as streaming videos or IP telephony, we can provide you with a dedicated line without any sharing.

External network data storage

Do you need more disk space for your hosting services? Would you appreciate a dedicated back-up storage? Or do you need enough disk space with minimum management requirements for your server? Then this external data storage service is exactly what you need.

KVM over IP – When an Error Comes In

Do you need to change the configuration settings of your server, remote desktop, or perform changes in your BIOS settings or to perform any other modifications that must be done physically on the server? Thanks to KVM over IP you will never leave the comfort of your office again.

VPN and Firewall - Your Network Security

Today, securing your network communication is a priority and a must. Network security consists of a set of rules designed to prevent and control unauthorized access, misuse of equipment, unwanted modification or interception of network communications.

Anti-DDoS: The best protection

Anti-DDoS provides effective and comprehensive protection against network threats and a protection is intended for those who need connectivity at all times. Transfer the responsibility for your infrastructure availability to us.

Microsoft Products and Licenses

Coolhousing participates in a program called Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). Thanks to this program we are able to licence all Microsoft products, focusing on providing services and hosting applications to our customers.

Professional Server Monitoring

Do you want to have your servers and the services running on them under constant control? Do you require the assurance of perfect availability? We offer you professional solution of basic free or advanced monitoring, keeping track not only of server availability but also the availability of specific services. Services also include the option to verify your IP addresses against more than 40 spamlists.

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  • "We have been using your services for many years already, and we are very satisfied.

    It's obvious that you are continuing to make major advances with your services and are providing solutions custom tailored for all types of customers.

    Thank you for cooperation."

  • "We began cooperating with Coolhousing in 2011. At the time, we were looking for only a reasonable and perhaps temporary solution with a dedicated server for a favourable price. In 2 years of cooperation, we have found Coolhousing to be a high quality business partner, not only because of its provided service, but also its customer and technical support. The company responds very quickly to all questions and requests. Therefore, the expected temporary solution has become a permanent solution, thanks to the quality and price of services!"

  • "When choosing a provider of server colocation we concentrated, among other things, on the fact which providers actually responded to our enquiry and what conditions they offered.

    At Coolhousing we have not only a contractually agreed power input corresponding to reality but, as a company engaged in the development of web applications, we also rely on a fast and individual approach of the provider’s technical and sales team."