Coolhousing CSIRT is a firm CSIRT. We are responsible for solving of security incidents relating to the autonomous system AS35592 (RIPE Database Query).

Contact information:

E-mail: csirt@coolhousing.net

Telephone: +420 777 310 000

Registration at TF-CSIRT

Working days from 9:00 to 17:00 - GMT +01:00/GMT +02:00 (DST)

Contact address:


Coolhousing CSIRT Team

Vinohradská 190

Praha 3

Postal Code 130 00

Czech Republic

User ID : Coolhousing.net - CSIRT (Coolhousing.net CSIRT TEAM) csirt@coolhousing.net

Key ID: 0xDE4D2D33

Key type: DSA

Key size: 3072

Fingerprint : FC32 CC32 0651 C7E2 D76D 5C60 942A ACBA DE4D 2D33

For your announcement of incidents, please, use only e-mail address csirt@coolhousing.net.

Do you have question or look for another solution?

Call us at +420 777 310 000 or send us a message, we will reply you immediately