Web administration of accounts may seem like a nightmare to many customers. Therefore, we have prepared a guide for you, where you will learn that there is nothing at all to be afraid of, but on the contrary you will find out how easy our web administration is.

After receiving a log-in user name and password for the Control Panel, go to Web Administration Control Panel where you will log in with your details.


If you do not like the password we generated for you, it can easily be changed based on your wishes. You can do so by clicking in the upper right-hand corner on change password. Then the following window will appear for you, where you can comfortably change your password based on your own preference.

change password

The entire web administration process has been created exactly based on our customers' needs. In the upper left-hand corner, you will find the "informational" sections, where in the News section you can read articles from our Cool Blog.

Blog news

Or you can learn more about planned down time in the section Down Time and Outages.

Downtime and outages

Now you can navigate to the section Overview of Services, where all of your active services will be displayed.

services administration

After clicking on individual services, details regarding the services will be displayed, and in the upper right-hand corner you can perform VPS administration.

detail services administration

When you click on the VPS Administration icon, the Control Panel of the virtual server will be displayed for you, where from a web interface you can work in the same way as if you were working with a physical server. More about administration of virtual servers can be found in the articles entitled "First steps with VPS"and "First steps with VPS Windows".

administration VPS

The IPv4 Overview offers a list of all IPv4 addresses assigned to your services. Each record can be clicked through, so that you can learn detailed information about the network configuration of the particular IPv4 address, from which you can set up a reverse record.

IPv4 overview

IPv6 Subnet Management offers an overview of all IPv6 subnets, which are assigned to your services. In the details for each IPv6 subnet, you will receive detailed information for network configuration and a guide for configuration of an IPv6 a reverse record.

IPv6 overview

Another section is the User Account, from which you can edit your contact information and add and remove authorised persons or send an authorised request.

Company detail

In the billing details section (company details), you can edit the company name and billing details and set a preferred payment method (advantageous for online payments by credit or debit card), sending of marketing and technical messages and setting of a password for downloading invoices. You can also change the language in which the Control Panel will be displayed. Czech and English versions are available.

Notes: Some changes, such as a change of the contact e-mail address, the company name or billing information are subject to authorisation by Coolhousing. You will be informed by e-mail about the procedure related to acceptance of the requested change.

The Authorised Persons section will enable you to create a list of persons who can enter requests for changes to particular services, are authorised to enter the server room and can be granted permission to remove equipment from the data centre. Very important information regarding an authorised person is the person's e-mail address, which will enable communication with our administrators and submission of questions regarding your technology. Each authorised person should have a certain piece of information filled in, based on which authorisation can be performed. The person's birth number or ID document number is usually suitable for this purpose.

Authorized person

You can add, edit or completely delete authorised persons using the icons in the upper right-hand corner. You can add authorised persons by clicking on the New icon. For each authorised person, it is necessary to complete identifying details, such as the person's name, e-mail address, etc. It is also necessary to select the language for e-mail communication with each authorised person. This configuration shall have no effect on the language settings of the Control Panel. Therefore, it is possible to have the Control Panel set to Czech, but to communicate with selected authorised persons in English.

As has already been mentioned, identification of each person is very important. Authorisation can be selected based on the person's birth number, national identity card number or passport number. This is a form of security that allows only truly authorised persons to handle your technology. In the remaining part of the record for each authorised person, you can set up sending of newsletter and invoices to a specific e-mail address.

Tip: Invoices are sent automatically to the e-mail address specified in the company's details. If you would like for invoices to go to the e-mail address for your billing department as well, you can simply create an authorised person with the name "billing" and for this record enter only the e-mail address and select the option for sending invoices. Billing parties will not be able to manipulate with the service, since the identification details have not been filled in, but they will receive invoices and other tax documents in a timely manner.

All of the settings can be adjusted at any time by editing them, or the person/record can be completely deleted.

New person

In the User Account section you will also find the section Authorised Request. Simply select the service to which your question relates, and you can ask about whatever you are interested in regarding our services. Technical support is available non-stop in the Data Centre, and so your request will be handled almost immediately.

Notes: Sending of a request directly from the Control Panel can be done only after logging into the Control Panel, and for this it is necessary to know the password. Knowledge of the password automatically indicates that the request was sent by an authorised person.

Authorised request

In the Contracts and Invoices section, you will find additional information in the form ofan Overview of Contracts and an Overview of Invoices.

In the Overview of Contracts section, you will find a list of all contracts between you and Coolhousing for both ended and active services/contracts. You will find there not only information about the date when the particular contract was signed or terminated, but the name of the service and your ID as well, which is important for communication when handling inquiries. The contract status provides information about whether the service was ended, launched, disconnected, etc.

Overview of contrancts

Notes: The colour highlighting of individual records has its purpose.

White – the service is connected and is being properly paid for
Yellow – the Service has not yet been activated or is waiting for issuance of an advance invoice for the subsequent period
Purple – an advance invoice has been issued for the service, and the invoice is not past due
Red – the service has been disconnected or one or more invoices are past due
Green – the service has been removed from the billing system
Black – a terminated inactive service

The Overview of Invoices will be appreciated especially by your accounting department. The section provides a clear overview of which invoices are due and which have already been paid. You will also be presented with an overview of all invoices that have ever been issued to your company, and you can search for them.

Invoices overview

All advance invoices and other tax documents can be easily printed from the interface. Simply click on the desired record and click on the green arrow for downloading You can also download an advance invoice as a tax document. Simply select which document you need. Invoices can be downloaded in PDF format.

detail of invoices

The last section is Information. In the Current Events part of the section you can read interesting articles from our blog,

News blog

or in the logs area you can find an overview of all performed changes to your services. Individual records in the log can be clicked to get more detailed information about the particular change.


You can find an example of a specific change in the following image, where we have changed the language in which it appears for us in the Control Panel.

change language


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