Welcome to Coolhousing data center

Welcome to Coolhousing data center
Security, transparency and individual approach

These are three crucial values and the blue dots in our logo that have guided us in providing professional hosting and data services in the Coolhousing data center since 2003.

We are long-term partners who care about high quality and fast connectivity and design a workable and reasonable IT solution. And last but not least, we provide quality facilities for technologies and servers in three modern, air-conditioned server rooms. We pride ourselves on the transparency of terms and conditions and contracts, including SLA availability, the reliability of delivered services and SPLA licenses, as well as on the friendliness and humanity in communication, where we follow the motto: "Where there is a will, there is a way". We look forward to a cooperation with you.

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To achive our values, we've simplified and made clear everything for your convenience.

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Call or write us anytime you need. Our experienced technical support is ready in the data center to help you with anything 24/7, including holidays.

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Modern administration

Clear and intuitive administration with all the information about your service, which you can also control via your mobile phone or tablet. This is our Control Panel.

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No hidden fees or complicated legal niceties and language. A simple but clear contract that you can sign anywhere and send us just a digital scan via e-mail.

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What are our values?
Security in first place

The security of our data center and its adjacent areas is continuously monitored by a security agency's camera system. Data center premises are monitored by a professional camera system with recording and technical support operators who are present in the data center 24/7.

The camera system is operated under a valid registration issued by the Personal Data Protection Office under registration number 00033872. Each person entering the data center is authorized through two-factor authentication. Therefore, unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the server room, manipulate the technology or submit requests to work on the technology.

All our server rooms are equipped with a modern laser fire-prevention detection system VESDA VLF250, that is tested for functionality of sensors, sirens, etc. at regular intervals. As one of a few data center operators, we leave nothing to chance and, therefore, in the case of fire, we have optical temperature sensors placed under the double floor even outside of the server rooms.

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Backup power supplies and cooling

Our power supplies are fully backed up. Short-term interruptions in the supply are covered by a cascade of modules of the central UPS 70NET 40/33, EATON 93PM-50 and POWERWAT, all in N+1 configuration. The UPS unit not only provides the power, but it also protects the entire network from "spikes" that can appear within the network. Prolonged power outages are covered by two independent diesel generators. The power supply system is strictly divided into two parts, the IT part (servers) operated with Cummins C330 D5 Motorgenerator and a non-IT section (air conditioning, lights) operated always by SDMO 200 Motorgenerator.

Our server rooms are cooled via a system of cold and hot aisles by several independent air conditioning units at least in the N+1 configuration in the combination with the Freecooling technology. The functionality of entire cooling infrastructure is continuously monitored by an automated monitoring system and independent temperature sensors control input and output air temperature and humidity at each air conditioning unit to ensure that the temperature in the cold aisles does not exceed 24°C.

We were also one of the first in the Central European market to introduce transparent billing for real server consumption. Learn more about real consumption.

Keep eye on the high quality connectivity

Network of our data center can be called a multivendor solution – a combination of Juniper and Cisco brand technologies. The data center infrastructure uses the “Spine & Leaf” topology, which is characterised by high speed, predictability, scalability, and efficient communication. All the network routes that are used by the Coolhousing data center topology are configured in an active state using the Equal-Cost Multipathing (ECMP) method. This configuration allows using all the connections at the same time, while the network remains stable and loop-free. Thanks to such adjustment, the data center infrastructure is fully redundant and operated in a high-availability (HA) mode.

From Coolhousing data center we lead three optical paths independent of one another lead in two different directions. Connectivity to the data center is provided by passive elements, through two geographically separated points (T-Mobile THP, CEColo), thanks to which we can offer our customers complete geographical redundancy of connectivity.

The Coolhousing data center has separate links available into the NIX.cz neutral exchange point. It has transit connectivity available, ensured by the providers Vodafone Business and ComSource with full BGP tables, support for communities and blackholing. Of course, the providers of transit connectivity are divided in such a way that their services are available to all the data center routers and, at the time same, full redundancy is ensured.

More information about network infrastructure, or test the quality and speed of our connectivity.

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We are a reliable partners for hundrets of Czech and international companies.

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Since 2003, the high-quality background of our data center has been indispensable without reliable partners and suppliers.
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