Microsoft, SPLA, Windows Server, MS SQL

Coolhousing participates in a program called Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). Thanks to this program we are able to licence all Microsoft products, focusing on providing services and hosting applications to our customers.

Therefore, at the beginning of your project or when you start using a dedicated server, you do not need to invest into expensive licenses anymore. Instead of investing into licenses, contact us and get, for example, a single processor Windows server license, which will cost you only a couple of hundred crowns.

Microsoft licenses
MS Windows Standard edition (2× Core)
(min. 8× Core)
€ 6 /month
(€ 24 /month)
MS Windows Datacenter edition (2× Core)
(min. 8× Core)
€ 38 /month
(€ 152 /month)
MS Windows Remote Desktop
(1 SAL)
€ 8 /month
MS SQL Standard edition (1 SAL) € 20 /month
MS SQL Standard edition (2× Core)
(min. 4× Core)
€ 189 /month
(€ 24 /month)

The most frequently used products are specified below: If you need to obtain any other additional licenses do not hesitate to contact us.