In order to establish a direct connection between dedicated customer technologies with different locations, we offer you implementation of optical fiber-based data circuits. Their routes will enable high-speed transmission between two locations the capacity of which could reach from hundreds of kilobits to multiple gigabits per second. All the transmissions will be safe and reliable and have minimal responses.

The connections may use CWDM/DWDM (multiple wavelengths of light) or MPLS/VPLS (protocol-independent data transmission) technologies. When implementing an optical connection and L2/L3 circuits, we always rely on technologies from leading manufacturers. Our solutions are primarily based on technologies provided by Cisco and Juniper.

We are able to interconnect our clients' technologies, located in Coolhousing and the THP data centre in Vinohradská avenue, the CE Colo data centre in Nad Elektrárnou street, and the Nagano data centre in U Nákladového nádraží street, TTC data centre in Tiskařská street, or in the Slovak SIX peering node, located in the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

Benefits of using the xWDM service

  • bit-transparent point-to-point data transfers
  • the optical channel for transmission of signals is independent of the transmitted data
  • maximum data security during transmission
  • high transparency, availability in all locations
  • transmission capacities of 1Gb/s, 2.5 Gb/s, 10 Gb/s and multiples of these values

Benefits of using MPLS/VPLS technology

  • operated in own infrastructure
  • easy implementation into the client's structure
  • supervision at the level of the end device or the entire route
  • higher cost-effectiveness
  • transmission capacities of 512 kb/s to 1 Gb/s

Data circuits in the DC Coolhousing network

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