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  • "There has been a gradual change from a middle-class operator to a quality provider.

    We have been hosting our front-end servers at Coolhousing since 2004.It is apparent that over time, the company has invested significant amounts both into ensuring quality technical and network infrastructure and into better quality and cleaner premises. We appreciate the individual approach and the quality and thorough development of services, which correspond to the current technological trends and spending power of customers. "

  • "Coolhousing s.r.o. emerged as the winner of a tender for installation of our server infrastructure. No other "players" were capable of fulfilling the conditions of the tender 100%. After a half year of experience with operation, I can confirm their high level of professionalism. I am informed proactively about potential error states in our infrastructure. Sufficiently in advance I am informed about forced shut-downs (verification of functionality ensuring continuity of operation). During technical consultations, I have encountered a straightforward and helpful approach. I can only recommend them."

  • "We have been using virtual private servers and dedicated servers since 2010 at a total of 6 different companies.

    We are more satisfied with Coolhousing's services than with those of any of its competitors. It provides the most interesting affordable services, it reacts flexibly to non-standard requirements, and in the past 3 years we have not registered any outages at approximately a dozen VPS."