Dedicated server (DS) offer a solution for the most demanding projects, where high performance, security and stability is required. Unlike with virtual servers where one physical server is used by several clients, a dedicated server is not shared. This solution is suitable for companies that prefer the service provider to handle and take care of HW issues, and at the same time require high performance and power output from their non-shared server.

Dedicated server is located in the data centre of the Coolhousing company where we provide a continuous power feed as well as uninterrupted power supply, cooling and of course, Internet connection including IPv4/IPv6 addresses and BGP forwarding.

Benefits of dedicated servers

Support and
HW service 24/7

data bandwidth

KVM over IP
anytime for free


protection for free

Supermicro servers

Supermicro dedicated servers are a suitable solution for anyone who seeks high performance for an acceptable price. SuperMicro servers are well-known around the world for their availability, universal use, easy upgrades and also for their economical price.

SuperMicro E-2314
Monthly fee from € 146,94
Processor Intel Xeon E-2314
(4C, 4T, 8M, 4.50 GHz)
DDR4 3200 ECC
Storage 2× 240 GB SSD SATA-6G
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited
SuperMicro E-2234 NVMe
Monthly fee from € 197,10
Processor Intel Xeon E-2234
(4C, 8T, 8M, 4.8 GHz)
RAM 32 GB DDR4 3200 ECC
Storage 2× 960 GB SSD NVMe M.2
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited
SuperMicro 4215
Monthly fee from € 181,85
Processor Intel Xeon Silver 4215
(8C, 16T, 11M, 3.50 GHz)
RAM 64 GB DDR4 3200 ECC Reg
Storage 2× 960 GB SSD NVMe M.2
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited

Hewlett Packard and Dell Technologies

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell Technologies are big and experienced manufactures on the server market. HPE's ProLiant server series is highly reliable, scalable, and with the Integrated Lights-Out or iLO interface, you have full control over the server even over long distances. Dell's PowerEdge server series is one of the most widely used and popular servers. All Dell servers offered are equipped with the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller, or iDRAC, through which you can securely manage and monitor your leased server.

Dell Poweredge R440
Monthly fee from € 154,58
Processor Intel Xeon Silver 4110
(8C, 16T, 11M, 3.0 GHz)
Storage Dell PERC HBA330
2× 480 GB SSD SATA-6G
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited
HPE Proliant DL360 Gen10
Monthly fee from € 180,23
Processor Intel Xeon Silver 4110
(8C, 16T, 11M, 3.0 GHz)
Storage HP SmartArray P440 2GB
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited

Are you interested in the different server configuration?

Special Offer of Dedicated servers

Advantageous sale of Coolhousing servers or branded servers from earlier offers. Servers are referred to as remanufactured, ie hardware and hardware tested. Servers are provided with a full-fledged service, such as a dedicated branded server. The free Next Business Day hardware service and the option to purchase a server for € 3 after 24 months service is a matter of course. The listed servers are in stock!

Barebone R5 1600
Monthly fee from € 51,30
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600
(6C, 12T, 16M, 3,6 GHz)
RAM 16 GB DDR4 non-ECC
Storage 2× 240 GB SSD SATA-6G
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited
Barebone R5 5600G
Monthly fee from € 68,85
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
(6C, 12T, 16M, 4.4 GHz)
RAM 64 GB DDR4 non-ECC
Storage 2× 480 GB SSD SATA-6G
Connectivity 1 Gbps START
Data transfers unlimited

Exclusive services in dedicated server price

HW serviceNo initial charges and full HW service no later than next business day

server configurationChange server configuration, connectivity or additional services at any time

IT budget under controlIT budget under control with proper hardware and service without initial expensive investment

operating costsChange high capital costs on operating costs with tax deductible payment every month

no service costsNo service costs or paperwork related to insurance, record-keeping, depreciation

Another benefits of a dedicated server

  • to the purchased external data storage - extra 100 GB for external data storage
  • server management: IP KVM, HP iLO, IPMI
  • a physical server dedicated to one customer only
  • high power output, performance and service availability
  • software according to customer needs
  • option to monitor the server operation

Supported Operating Systems

Dedicated server may run any operating system independently of the service provider. Servers are supplied without an operating system. It is up to the customer what operating system he will chose. To eliminate the need for the customer presence at the data centre during the installation of the operating system, we offer KVM over IP for all dedicated servers. Another option is to have the installation done by an experienced administrator.

Thanks to the SPLA program we are ready to provide our customers with all necessary licenses for Microsoft software, that is mostly for MS Windows Server and MS SQL.


Connectivity of dedicated servers

Each dedicated server is equipped with its own uplink to CISCO switches located in the Coolhousing data centre network. For maximum server availability, the connectivity is divided into Czech NIX and transit. Therefore, a dedicated server offers up to 1 Gbps connection to the network and transit connection. Data transfers are unlimited.


Dedicated server administration and maintenance

The administration and maintenance of the dedicated server is done by the customer. The client has full administrator/root access to the server via RDP, VNC, SSH or any other protocol. If a "hard boot" is required, the client may call or send an email message to our data center and the server will be restarted immediately by our administrator for free.

If necessary, KVM over IP may be connected to the server. This service is offered for free as standard. However, if the client requires permanent KVM console access, we can provide it as well.

Dedicated servers advantages

Dedicated servers advantages

A dedicated server is an alternative to investment in expensive acquisition of your own server. The offer of hosting services includes shared hosting, virtual servers and purchasing of own technology. Do you know the advantages of leasing technology, and did you know that you can acquire a dedicated server even in a managed variant, including with an administrator's services?

Dedicated Line

Dedicated line

Connectivity fitted exactly due customer request! You can choose the right one line for you. If you aren’t satisfied with chosen dedicated line, you can change whenever want. We offer to you the dependable line without aggregation. More...

Server purchase

Dedicated server

After 24 months of using the services, the server can be purchased. You can become its owner just for a remaining price of 3 EUR.

Why use a dedicated server

One dedicated server is reserved for one client only. Connectivity of a dedicated server uses double back up. Support of IPv4 and IPv6 in Dual-Stack is also standard. All configurations of dedicated servers utilize high-quality and tested HW. Configurations or assemblies may be extended or modified according to customer requirements.

  • Any OS may be installed
  • Licenses for Microsoft software are provided
  • KVM over IP for free
  • Server restart for free
  • Full hardware service
  • Solutions tailored to customer requirements

Web administration

A hosting panel ISPConfig 3 may be ordered and attached to the dedicated server. This will provide you with a simple but high-performance hosting panel used for the management of an unlimited number of emails, databases, web pages, ftp addresses, and other applications.

  • No licensing fees
  • One panel for several servers
  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Hierarchical user management (hosting services resell option)
  • Service monitoring
  • Administration of repeatedly running processes (CRON)
  • OS Linux Debian
  • Try our demo version

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  • "We have been using virtual private servers and dedicated servers since 2010 at a total of 6 different companies.

    We are more satisfied with Coolhousing's services than with those of any of its competitors. It provides the most interesting affordable services, it reacts flexibly to non-standard requirements, and in the past 3 years we have not registered any outages at approximately a dozen VPS."

  • "If you’re looking for server colocation for the trouble-free operation of your applications, you can’t be interested only in the price.

    Above all, the availability of the service, especially when your business depends on it, is of key importance. Coolhousing provides quality services to us and thanks to consumption measurement it can even offer a very interesting price to us."

  • "Coolhousing s.r.o. emerged as the winner of a tender for installation of our server infrastructure. No other "players" were capable of fulfilling the conditions of the tender 100%. After a half year of experience with operation, I can confirm their high level of professionalism. I am informed proactively about potential error states in our infrastructure. Sufficiently in advance I am informed about forced shut-downs (verification of functionality ensuring continuity of operation). During technical consultations, I have encountered a straightforward and helpful approach. I can only recommend them."