Today, securing your network communication is a priority and a must. Network security consists of a set of rules designed to prevent and control unauthorized access, misuse of equipment, unwanted modification or interception of network communications.

VPN - secure connection

VPN (Virtual Private network) is a secure tunnel between two or more devices. VPNs are mainly used to protect communication against snooping or interference. Coolhousing offers the option to manage your device located at the datacenter with VPN. Amongst other things, the service may be used to establish secure access to your server management (iLO, IPMI, DRA, etc.)

Coolhousing VPN security

What the Coolhousing VPN service includes?

  • Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) encrypted communication
  • a user account to ensure authentication
  • a local IP address from the provider's protected range
  • a 100 Mbps uplink for management
  • private VLAN between the device and the VPN concentrator
Coolhousing VPN
VPN operation
(1x account, 1x uplink, /24 IPv4)
€ 6 /month
Each additional account for authentication € 2 /month

The Coolhousing VPN service can only be ordered as part of the dedicated servers’ services or of the colocation.

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How to set up VPN SSTP on:

Firewall - secure communication

We will not just connect your server to the Internet in our telehouse, but ensure its security too. We will set up and tailor a sophisticated hardware firewall or VPN concentrator for you. Mikrotik networking features offer a wide range of applications, both in the area of network security and of the network traffic management. We do not offer a universal solution, but prepare individual solutions for each client, with regard to the selection of suitable equipment (size, number and type of ports,…) as well as to the performance.

Mikrotik by DC Coolhousing

  • free HW service through exchange (we keep the equipment in stock)
  • equipment configuration considering the Best Practice
  • expert advice on the solution design
  • configuration by administrators with Mikrotik certification
  • advantageous hosting conditions of the provided equipment

Network administration
Technical support, advice and design € 60 /hour
Network Infrastructure Supervision project price

Mikrotik RB750Gr3
(update and configuration of RouterOS included*)
€ 60
(one time)
Mikrotik RB4011iGS+RM
(update and configuration of RouterOS included*)
€ 180
(one time)
Mikrotik RB1100AHx4
(update and configuration of RouterOS included*)
€ 260
(one time)

* The update and configuration includes updating of the RouterOS to the latest manufacturer-recommended stable version and configuring of the network interface enabling connection to the device.

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All Coolhousing data center services include anti-DDoS Basic protection. If you want a truly robust and secure solution, it is a good idea to upgrade the solution to Anti-DDoS Business Protection, which will ensure that your services are available in a truly large-scale attack.