• Tower server

    Tower Servers Colocation, More info

    price from:
    € 31,64 / month

    • All Tower servers
    • Connect to 2 uplinks
    • AntiDDoS protection incl.
    • 50W input incl. in price
    • Connectivity to 10 Gbps
  • Rack server

    Rack Servers ColocationMore info

    price from:
    € 31,64 / month

    • Rack server 1-6U
    • Real server consumption
    • Electricity server backup
    • AntiDDoS protection incl.
    • 50W consumption incl.
  • Tower Farm

    Tower FarmMore info

    price from:
    € 98,24 / month

    • Up to 6x Tower servers
    • Transport to DC for free
    • AntiDDoS protection incl.
    • Connectivity to 10 Gbps
    • Connect another uplink
  • Rack Farm

    Rack Farm, More info

    price from:
    € 86,36 / month

    • Rack space for 7-11U
    • Private network VPN
    • 2 independent el. backup
    • Connectivity to 10 Gbps
    • Transport to DC for free

Server Housing plans

We have split up the Server Colocation services into four areas: Tower Server Colocation, Rack Server Colocation, Farm Colocation and Rack Housing. This classification was used to fit your needs as best as possible. In addition, each of these sectors has been divided thus final colocation service is just the one for you. Put your trust in professionals with more than 18 years colocation experience!

Colocation Benefits

Real measurement
of server consumption

Support and
access to DC 24/7

1 Gbps connectivity

Remote hands
included in price

KVM over IP
anytime for free

The Coolhousing datacenter with three modern and air-conditioned server rooms in the center of Prague are capable to provide top-quality services with unlimited connectivity of up to 10 Gbps and maximum care for your servers. The network is built on a multivendor solution, a cooling is provided by several independent air condition units at least in N+1 configuration, and the datacenter has pernament monitoring. Everything for your maximum satisfaction.

Save in the our datacenter with colocation

What affects the price of electricity in a data center?

Across entire Europe and not only there, the bad habit of rising electricity prices is spreading. How relevant the increase in energy prices is, can be debated, but the truth is, that high prices are already being tackled at national level. The main cost item of any data center is energy. But what is in the price of kWh in a data center included?

Aggregation: A word that the competition is ashamed of

Hosting services providers like to hold back the unpopular parameters of their services. You will usually find information on aggregation or shared connection on the very last page of the general terms and conditions. A magnifying glass necessary. You will not encounter such policy in Coolhousing.

Intelligent Server Hosting Socket System

For server hosting we use power panels made by the Eaton company. We call them "Intelligent sockets" as they bring to us and especially to you, our customers, new options such as power control (turn on, turn off, restart) directly from the customer ControlPanel and also allow taking into account the real consumption of the server.

How can be connectivity tested?

We often answer questions such as "How can I test the Coolhousing connectivity?" That is why we have decided to create a testing webpage, where you can find the necessary instructions. You can test IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. You will also find instructions for how to test latency (ping), number of connection points (routers) in your traceroute and also downloadable files of various sizes.

Realistic Consumption in Colocation Practice

The constant increase in electricity prices elevated the consideration of the realistic consumption in server hosting to the only correct solution. However, the definition of realistic consumption is not easy to find. Each server is unique - and we do not mean just the hardware configuration and the efficiency of individual components, but also the overall workload of the server.

The view into the server room

We have our own fully equipped and professional datacenter, located in the centre of the capital city of Prague. The telehouse is located high above the flood area, right at the connection point NIX.cz.

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  • "I'm not searching any more.
    For 10 years, I searched for and switched between different companies, which enabled operation of our system in our required extent.Sooner or later, a serious operating problem appeared with each company. In 2009 I discovered Coolhousing. Coolhousing's services and approach are absolutely excellent and problem-free. I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the running of the company for their willingness, professional approach and cooperation."

  • "We began cooperating with Coolhousing in 2011. At the time, we were looking for only a reasonable and perhaps temporary solution with a dedicated server for a favourable price. In 2 years of cooperation, we have found Coolhousing to be a high quality business partner, not only because of its provided service, but also its customer and technical support. The company responds very quickly to all questions and requests. Therefore, the expected temporary solution has become a permanent solution, thanks to the quality and price of services!"

  • "When choosing a provider of server colocation we concentrated, among other things, on the fact which providers actually responded to our enquiry and what conditions they offered.

    At Coolhousing we have not only a contractually agreed power input corresponding to reality but, as a company engaged in the development of web applications, we also rely on a fast and individual approach of the provider’s technical and sales team."