Colocation with real consumption

Professional Server Colocation

The best place for your tower and rack server from € 30,91 monthly

Tailored Server colocation

  • No power label, only real server consumption
  • Great 1 Gbps connectivity with unlimited data transfer
  • Connection to UPS and Dieselgenerator for free

Housing with flawless care

We started with serverhousing in 2003 and it is a passion for us, which we have designed to perfection. Put your server and trust into the hands of experts!

Trust to our colocation


In the time we have been providing the server housing, we know what you and your servers exactly need.
Take a look at the benefits, which are included in the price of the service.

Real server consumption measurement

Based on the average monthly consumption of your server, we will bill you for electricity or set up a monthly tariff starting from 50W.

Quality connectivity with zero latency

We will connect a 1 Gbps uplink to your server to NIX and transit with near zero latency. It is also possible to order a 10 Gbps throughput link.

Geographical redundancy

Connectivity and power supply are fully redundant and backed up by UPS and DA cascade in N+2 configuration. All of this can be under SLA guarantee.

Service scalability

Server hosting includes dual-stack support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, Anti-DDoS protection and private VLANs.

Support and remote management

Technical support and access to the server as well as KVM over IP connection is available 24/7 and for free.

Stable temperature and humidity

Professional cooling system ensures ideal temperature and humidity in server rooms for maximum efficiency and long server life.

Colocation and serverhousing with rack

Server Colocation that adapts to your needs

Tower server

from € 30,91 monthly

Customize your tower colocation according to power consumption and size

Price according to tower server size

Add more uplinks for redundancy

Anti-DDoS protection in price

Real consumption of server

10 Gbps connection option


1U Rack server

from € 30,91 monthly

Professional housing 19" rack server size 1-5U

10% discount upon annual payment

Billing of real server consumption

A/B power supply option

Anti-DDoS protection for free

Unlimited access to DC 24/7



from € 83,90 monthly

For colocation of more tower servers or rack servers up to 11U

Technical support and access to DC

Option to use SSTP VPN

Free PTR management and setup

Unlimited connectivity to 10 Gbps

Optimisation of electricity costs


Tower farm

from € 106,58 monthly

Do you need to colocate several tower servers for a better price?

Unlimited connectivity to 10 Gbps

Anti-DDoS protection included

Colocation of 3 tower servers

150W power consumption included

IPv4 a IPv6 adresses in the stack


Rack farm

from € 83,90 monthly

Do you need to host more rack servers for an interesting price?

Colocation of 3 rack servers

Connection to generator and UPS

Consumption of 150W in the price

Cooling N+2 and redundancy

Protection against DDoS threads



from € 181,80 monthly

High-quality lockable rack cabinet in dimensions 12U, 20U and 42U

Unlimited use of rack space

Separately secured power supply

IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges

Metallic and optical uplinks

Promotion of own IP and AS



Are you interested in a different or specific type of colocation?

Write us what you are looking for. We will create a solution for you according to your requirements Write us

High quality guarantee
Quarantee of top quality
Without risk

We really stand behind the quality of our services. In case of dissatisfaction with the colocation within the first 14 days, we will send your money back.

Certification of ISO 9001 a 27001

Our data center operations are ISO 9001 and 27001 compliant, thus your technology and data are completely secured.

Facility and input serverhousing

The operation of our three data rooms meet the most demanding needs of our clients. Our data center also includes a car park and foyer.

Save up to 40% on your consumption costs

No power label, meter when server starts or flat rate for meaningless values. Electricity billing based on the actual power, which your server consumes per month.

How does it work?

Aggregation ratio in connectivity

Hosting services providers like to hold back the unpopular parameters of their services. On shared connection you can read on the last page of the general terms and conditions. You will not encounter such policy with us.

About aggregation

What affects electricity in DC?

Across entire Europe and not only there, the bad habit of rising electricity prices is spreading. The main cost item of any data center is energy. But what is in the price of kWh in a data center included?

Find out

How to test our connectivity

We often answer questions such as: „How can I test the your connectivity?“. Therefore we have decided to create a testing webpage, where you can find the guide, how to test latency (ping), traceroute, IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Verify the connection
See how it looks in our data center

In case of your interest, we will happy to make data center tour for you

What happens after order
We will contact you about colocation as soon as possbile

Upon receive of your order or enquiry, we will contact you within a few hours. Together we will specify your requirements for server colocation, then we will send you the network settings and arrange the date of your arrival, or transport the server by courier to us. We will resolve the contract remotely and online.

Controlpanel contains all information about your housing

After setting up the service, you will find all information about your server hosting, including network settings and power consumption in our online administration Control Panel. If you need to reboot the server, connect a remote administration or perform diagnostics, just write to us and we will do for free and immediately.

Most often faq
Do you have question or look for another solution?

Call us at +420 777 310 000 or send us a message, we will reply you immediately