AntiDDoS protection now with immediate notification

AntiDDoS protection against DoS and DDoS threads

You can read about Cyber attacks threats at every corner. Unfortunately, it is so easy to send or order such attack as buying at a convenience store. Defend your technology effectively.

Results of Challenge Server Deployment in 24 Hours

Bare server deployment and results of challenge

In January, you could take part of 14 days challenge "Deploy a dedicated server within 24 hours or free for a whole month“. How did the challenge turn out and how many clients got a free server for a month?

Remote server management, that saves time and money

Server management is much easier now

Time is money, and a travelling to the data center to manage a server means extra costs for administrators as well as companies. Thanks to our free remote management, all that is a thing of the past. Now even much easier after the upgrade

End up with 100 Mbps and our network plans

Connectivity and our network infrastructure plans

The data center network is like a living organism that needs constant care. In recent weeks we have been upgrading our network infrastructure by new network elements, removing the "last of the Mohicans" with 100 Mbps ports and coming up with 100 Gbps technology

Virtual servers with 50% discount

VPS and VDS with 50% reduction on the price

Thanks to our infrastructure investments, we reduced the price of all VPS and VDS, which you can order for unbeatable conditions.

Update of operation systems for VPS linux

New linux distributions for VPS

Last week we updated the Linux distributions for virtual servers. Now, you can choose from over 80 operation systems and live distributions for your server

Server deployment within 24 hours or free for a whole month

Dedicated server in one day or use it for month for free

Order a discounted dedicated server Barebone R5 5600G and if server is not ready for you within 24 hours after payment, you will get server for the first month completely for free

Pour Felicitér 2023

Pour FĂ©liciter 2023

Thank you for your support and cooperation in this very dynamic year and have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year 2023.

Price of electricity in the data centre. What all affects it?

How data centers count the price of electricity

Rising electricity prices are, especially recently, discussed in almost every corner. The czech government has capped the price of raw electricity for 2023, but even so, the price is at a record high and even higher in the data centre. Why? Well, we will answer that in the following article we have dedicated to the issue. Because kWh for householders and in datacenter is no the same and we are not talking about the relative difference between renewable and fossil energy, which travels along the same power distribution.

What affects the price of electricity in a data center?

Data center audit: more than 40% of the servers consume less than 50 W

Audit shows, how you can save a money

We have audited energy consumption of all servers in our data center. And the result? You will be pleasantly surprised