Optical cabels for transit connection

Quality connectivity with the speed of light

Do you need an unlimited, high-capacity, unshared connection? A dedicated transit dedicated line is the proper solution for:

  • streaming videos and large-capacity data
  • providers of telecommunications, IP and TV services
  • services demanding speed and connection quality
Partners of our connectivity

Benefits of unmetered dedicated connectivity

The high availability, reliability and capacity of the line will be appreciated by every internet and telecommunications service provider.

The service tailored to your needs

Dedicated transit connectivity is one of our advanced network services, which we configure for each client according to their needs.

Private peering

Thanks to long-term cooperation with leading telecommunications companies Dial Telecom, Fast Communication, etc., we are able to set up private peering for you including new AS.

Excellent czech connectivity

We have been members of the Czech internet infrastructure NIX and provide national connectivity through NIX.cz for many years.

Transit connectivity

In 20 years of experience with various international providers, we have selected those whose work symbolizes quality and reliability: Vodafone Business and Comsource.

Professional & unlimited connectivity

Don't limit yourself and get know this top-quality connection