If you operate and run applications which demand high-speed and high quality of connection such as streaming videos or IP telephony, we can provide you with a dedicated line without any sharing. Dedicated lines are not shared like regular lines and, therefore, the entire line capacity is reserved for your own use. We offer dedicated lines with transfer speeds starting at 10 Mbps and more.

Line tailored to the customer's needs

Connectivity/Price for 1 Mbps
10 Mbps dedicated line
(based on special technology)
€ 8 /month
(€ 63,20 /month per line)
15 - 95 Mbps
(minimal step 5Mbps)
€ 13 /month
100 - 199 Mbps
(minimal step 1Mbps)
€ 12 /month
200 - 300 Mbps
(minimal step 1Mbps)
€ 10 /month

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