Media and satellite transmissions have never been easier

We have designed perfect facilities for projects consisting of creation of the media archives or the monitoring of the terrestrial digital television and satellite broadcasting of audiovisual streams. With TV Service, you can receive the DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals within the installed leads of the data center.

Satellite receiving - TV/media services

Terrestrial and satellite broadcasting

Terrestrial: Praha Cukrák, Praha, Ládví, Praha, Mahlerovy sady.
Satellite: 23,5°E Astra 3B, Thor 5 (0,8°W).

Ready and fine-tuned solution

You don't need to build an infrastructure to receive media signals. Place your servers in our data center with professionally equipped and functional facilities and redundant signal.

Media/satellite service conditions

The service comprises mediation of the TV/Sat receiving only. The equipment for the processing of the mediated signal is not part of this service.

Interested in satellite and TV service?

Write us your requirements. We will prepare a suitable solution for you