Virtual server is a dedicated part of the physical server with its own operating system installation and services. Thanks to the advanced virtualization technology RedHat KVM we can guarantee high performance, reliability and full administrator access via VNC, SSH or web browser. The performance of our virtual servers is guaranteed.

Virtual servers are run on high-performance servers with SSD storage in high quality RAID services. SSD virtual servers from DC COOLHOUSING will be the right and functional choice for you upon significantly lower initial costs than, physical servers demands.

VPS with 50% discount for the first period

Benefits of virtual servers

Unlimited connectivity

connectivity 1 Gbps

Root access

root access

AntiDDoS protection included

protection for free

Backup - Snapshot 7 days back

Data backup
7 days back for free

Technical support 24/7

support 24/7

Monthly fee from € 5,18
CPU capacity 1x vCPU 1:4
Dedicated memory 2 GB RAM
SSD storage 25 GB SSD
Connectivity 100 Mbps
VPS SSD Standard
Monthly fee from € 10,35
CPU capacity 2x vCPU 1:4
Dedicated memory 4 GB RAM
SSD storage 50 GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
VPS SSD Business
Monthly fee from € 15,53
CPU capacity 4x vCPU 1:4
Dedicated memory 8 GB RAM
SSD storage 80 GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
Monthly fee from € 6,30
CPU capacity 2x vCPU 1:6
Dedicated memory 3GB RAM
SSD storage 30 GB SSD
Connectivity 100 Mbps
VPS WIN SSD Standard
Monthly fee from € 11,25
CPU capacity 2x vCPU 1:4
Dedicated memory 5 GB RAM
SSD storage 50 GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
VPS WIN SSD Business
Monthly fee from € 18,45
CPU capacity 4x vCPU 1:4
Dedicated memory 8 GB RAM
SSD storage 80 GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
VDS Start
Monthly fee from € 24,75
CPU capacity 4x vCPU 1:3
Dedicated memory 12 GB RAM
Storage 80 GB SSD
300 GB HDD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
VDS Standard
Monthly fee from € 36,45
CPU capacity 6x vCPU 1:3
Dedicated memory 20 GB RAM
Storage 160 GB SSD
500 GB HDD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
VDS Business
Monthly fee from € 58,05
CPU capacity 8x vCPU 1:2
Dedicated memory 32 GB RAM
Storage 240 GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps

VPS Benefits Compared to a Physical Server

  • The latest virtualization technology Red Hat KVM
  • No care for server hardware
  • VPS performance and parameters upgrade
  • Access to VPS console via VNC or web browser
  • Full administrator access to the server via SSH, RD or VNC
  • Server restart with one click from web administration
  • Server reinstallation and recovery from backup with one click from web administration

Supported Operating Systems

Virtual servers can run any common operating system (Linux, MS Windows,...) and the virtual server can be treated the same way as the physical server. A web administration is used to install the operating system by inserting the installation CD through a virtual drive to your virtual server and then running the common installation process, which is fully accessible via VNC consoles or web interface.

CentOS 32bit, 64bit Debian GNU/FreeBSD - 64bit Debian GNU/Linux 32bit, 64bit Fedora 64bit FreeBSD 32bit, 64bit Gentoo 64bit MikroTik MINIX 3 - 32bit OpenBSD - 32bit, 64bit
OpenSUSE - 32bit, 64bit RancherOS RockyLinux Scientific Linux - 32bit, 64bit Slackware Linux - 32bit, 64bit Ubuntu Server 64bit Microsoft Windows Server


VPS Backup

A virtual server can be backed up at any time. If you want to make a significant change to the virtual server settings, you can back up the server from the web administration as a snapshot, and at any time you can restore the server from this manual backup.

As an add-on service to the virtual server, you can order automatic backups up to 7 days back. If there are unexpected problems occurs, you can go back to any of the previous server states by one click and reset not only the data but also all the settings.

Additional data storage

Additional network data storage

As an additional network drive, you can connect an external data storage to your server with redundant data on disk arrays. Access to storage is especially recommended by encrypted SFTP and RSYNC protocols, but FTP, SMB or NFS protocols are also supported. In both cases, accesses are secured by an access name, password, and access restrictions from specific IP addresses. For dedicated network storage, multiple users can be enabled, including the ability to set read-only or read / write permissions. One data repository can be accessed from any number of your virtual servers.

Virtual Server Connectivity

Each of our virtualization servers disposes redundant connectivity to the Coolhousing Data Centre network. For maximum VPS availability, the connectivity to the virtualization node is running through two geographic points, and this enables COOLHOUSING DC to offer complete redundancy of connectivity and independence from a single access point. Data transfers are unlimited.

Virtual Server Connectivity, Coolhousing network

KVM virtualisation

KVM virtualisation

KVM is a virtualisation solution originally developed by Qumranet (today Red Hat), which provides full hardware virtualisation. This technology enables us to offer virtual servers with high performance, reliability and various operating system on a single virtual servers. This is the reason why we have abandoned virtualisation at the level of the Linux-vServer operating system.

Unlike XEN virtualisation, which we have also tested, the technology of KVM run on special hardware as a Linux kernel module. This eliminates the need for a virtual machine and leads to faster speed and greater effectiveness of the entire solution.

Scrubbing Center

Coolhousing Scrubbing Center

A scrubbing center or a cleansing station is a network point that analyzes network traffic in real time. Coolhousing datacenter’s scrubbing center can quickly and accurately differentiate between legitimate (ordinary) traffic, malicious (attacking) traffic and unusual traffic originating from ordinary traffic.

Why choose VPS

Thanks to the advanced virtualization technology KVM we can guarantee high performance, reliability and full administrator access via VNC, SSH or web browser.

  • An option of installing OS Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and others...
  • MS Windows Server support including applicable licenses
  • Server reinstallation at any time from web administration
  • Server restart from web administration
  • Full server backup to an external storage drive
  • On-line statistics of virtual server

VPS web administration

By choosing web administration, you obtain the following additional functions against installation with an optional operating system.

  • Professional prepared and tuned up system
  • Simple interface for web and FTP administration
  • Interface for MySQL and Postgre database administration
  • Advanced administration such as Firewall or variable PHP
  • Administration of repeatedly running processes (CRON)
  • OS Linux CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP and etc...

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