Do you want to have your servers and the services running on them under constant control? Do you require the assurance of perfect availability? We offer you a professional solution of basic free or advanced monitoring, keeping track not only of server availability but also the availability of specific services. Our services also include the option to verify your IP addresses against more than forty spamlists.

What We Monitor

  • availability of uplink to the Coolhousing network
  • server availability using ICMP (PING)
  • SSH functionality
  • DNS functionality
  • IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 functionality
  • FTP functionality
  • HTTP and HTTPS functionality
  • additional protocols/services can be monitored upon agreement

Monitoring STANDARD
Service connectivity availability monitoring Yes
IP address availability monitoring using ICMP (PING) Yes
SSH functionality monitoring Yes
DNS functionality monitoring Yes
IMAP functionality monitoring Yes
SMTP functionality monitoring Yes
POP3 functionality monitoring Yes
FTP functionality monitoring Yes
HTTP functionality monitoring Yes
HTTPS functionality monitoring Yes
IP address check against blacklist No
Regular daily email reporting No
Unavailability notifications via email Yes
Price per IPv4/IPv6 € 4 /month

Coolhousing, Trusted operator - FENIX
Coolhousing, Basic DDoS protection included


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