Why Coolhousing and its colocation and hosting benefits

Why choose the hosting center Coolhousing?

There are many reasons why choose Coolhousing as a partner for your business. If you are looking for reliable Data Center Services Provider we offer you highly professional solutions. Unlimited data transfers, Daily data backup or Backup power source for free are only small part of our advantages.

Benefits you will appreciate in operation

Unlimited data transfers

You will never be charged for exceeding the unlimited data transfer. We offer truly unlimited data transfers with proper speed.

Our network

Daily data backup

For virtual server service, we automatically backup your data every day. When you need the data, you can restore them using online administration.

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Own online administration

You do not need to search for a phone number and wait for the operators to reply. You can configure your services by yourself in our friendly administration.

How it works?

Online payment option

You can pay for your services online. We support credit cards, PayPal, GoPay and direct payments from electronic banking systems of many Czech banks.

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Double connectivity backup

The best availability of our servers is ensured by double backup of internet connectivity of our data center.

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Backup power source for free

Electricity outage will not affect your servers. Uninterrupted power source is ensured by UPS and diesel generators. Power backup is provided for free for all our services.

Our values

Try our services without any worries

Money-back guarantee 200 days
200-day money-back guarantee

We are truly certain of the quality of our services, therefore we provide you the money-back guarantee if you terminate some service within 200 days from your start of their use. The money will be refunded in a proportional amount.

The money-back guarantee applies to the following services:

  • virtual servers
  • dedicated servers
  • rack housing
  • server housing

You will be entitled to a refund if:

  • there are proven and mainly if there are repeated server outages caused by a malfunction on the operator's side
  • the service was paid for at least a year in advance.
14-day money-back guarantee

Within 14 days from the establishment of VPS, server colocation, rack colocation or dedicated servers without a minimum commitment, you can terminate your contract without any reason, and we will refund your money in full.

The trial period applies to the following services:

  • virtual server
  • server housing
  • rack housing
  • services of dedicated servers without a minimum commitment from the basic offer
Money-back guarantee in 14 days
Withdraw the contract in 60 days
Ability to withdraw from contract within 60 days

If you arrange a commitment for 24 months, we offer the option of withdrawing from the contract within 60 days without specifying a reason and without application of any sanctions for ending the contract early. This option applies to server colocation and rack colocation services with a minimum 24-month commitment.

  • server housing
  • rack housing
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