Do you need more disk space for your hosting services? Would you appreciate a dedicated back-up storage? Or do you need enough disk space with minimum management requirements for your server? Then this external data storage service is exactly what you need.

Capacities up to 1TB for undemanding projects, a substitution for insufficient disk space on a virtual server or a back-up storage are best solved using shared data storages. Data storages like a dedicated NAS are suitable for more complex projects or as a fully independent solution.

Shared data storage

  • a secure data storage with HDDs in RAID
  • FTPS, SMB, NFS support
  • no requirements for management and security
  • user-friendly

Dedicated data storage

  • a small server with easy web management
  • a file, web, email and download server
  • storage available 24/7, from anywhere, using any tool
  • option to buy NAS for just EUR 2

Shared network data storage

A shared data storage means disk space within a large data storage. This solution can be used for situations where response times or IOPS don't play a vital role, but the customer prefers sufficient disk capacity on a reliable external data field with disks in RAID.

You can access the storage using FTPS, SMB or NFS, and the first two of these protocols can be encrypted and secured using a private/public key. As standard, all these protocols are secured with a login, password and restricted access from specific IP addresses from both the Coolhousing network and internet. Several users may access the data storage, including the option to set up read-only rights or rights allowing data overwrite and read out.

External data storage
25 GB € 2 /month
50 GB € 3,60 /month
100 GB € 6,40 /month
150 GB € 8,40 /month
250 GB € 12,80 /month
500 GB € 19,60 /month

The shared data storage service can't be purchased separately but only as a part of the VPS, dedicated servers and server hosting services.

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Dedicated network data storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a small server with slots for HDDs intended to be used 24/7. You can't attach a keyboard, mouse or monitor to your NAS – you can control the device using a very simple web interface and virtually anybody can manage it. First of all, a NAS can serve as a central storage for your data and back-ups; however, today it can provide many more special features. These include, for example, a web server, a database server or a mail server, or you can use it as a client for automatic downloads from various P2P networks like BitTorrent.

A dedicated storage service can be purchased separately. For this service, the same rules apply as for the dedicated server service, including free hardware repairs during the entire service period and the option to buy the device for EUR 2 when the two-year contract expires.