Where are invoices and information about payments sent?

The e-mail address specified in the details regarding the company is the main contact method for invoicing matters.


Do you need to send invoices to multiple e-mail addresses?

It is sufficient to create a new authorised user in the administrator section, for example with the name Invoicing. Insert the e-mail address and have the invoices sent based on your selection. As of that moment, your invoices will be sent automatically also to that e-mail address.


How do I change my password for CP?

You can change your password to the control panel after logging in by clicking "Change Password" in the upper right-hand corner.


Can I control multiple services from the CP interface?

Yes. In the interface you can see all of your services and how you can work with them. For example, for the administration of all of your virtual servers, you now need only one login and one password.


How can I add or remove authorised persons to my services?

Log into your ControlPanel on https://cp.coolhousing.net. In the left-hand side menu click on "User Account", then select "Authorised Persons". You can arbitrarily add or remove authorised persons here.