Dedicated server

We deliver dedicated servers without an operating system. As an optional service, you can order the basic installation of a typical Linux distribution (usually Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) for a one-time fee € 20. The basic installation of Windows OS in dedicated servers is performed, free of charge, within the monthly licensing fee (no more than once per month).

Yes, you can with our remote management KVM over IP, which is completely free anytime.

You can install your own software to any extent of your choice. However, we strongly recommend checking whether the end user license agreement of that software permits the product being used in that manner. A typical example of non-compliant licenses are the so-called OEM licenses.

Unfortunately, no. You are not allowed to alter the server's hardware settings or perform actions that could damage the server (Flash BIOS, clocking). Only we are authorized to alter the configuration of dedicated servers. The design of the server (rack/tower) and the method of placement in the DC is also decided by the provider, unless otherwise specified.

Yes, you can. We will be happy to discuss your configuration change request with you and, after your confirmation, carry out the installation.

Not at all. The price for the server is final and includes not only the server setup, one IPv4 address, and connectivity, but even all power consumption of the server.

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