Are dedicated servers supplied with a preinstalled operating system?

Dedicated servers are not delivered with any operating system. As an optional service, our customers may order the basic installation of a typical Linux distribution (usually Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) for a flat rate of € 20. The basic installation of Windows OS in dedicated servers is performed, free of charge, within the monthly licensing fee (no more than once per month).


Can I install the dedicated server by myself?

Yes, you can. You install the dedicated server either by visiting our data centre to perform the job yourself, or you can order the KVM over IP service free of charge.


Can I install my own software on the dedicated server?

You can install your own software in any extent of your choice. However, we strongly recommend checking whether the end user license agreement of that software permit the product being used in that manner. A typical example of non-conformity are the so-called OEM licenses.


May I install my own hardware into a dedicated server?

No, only the administrator/provider may interfere with a dedicated server hardware setup.


May I change the configuration of the server while I am using your service?

Yes, it is possible. These requests or modifications are handled on an individual basis and with the individual customer.