10 Gbps for colocation

Since September 2020, the conditions for providing of the connectivity have been slightly, but significantly updated. We have made a price reduction of all colocation connections and the speed connection bar for client servers has been raised a lot higher. Now you can connect your server to the 10 Gbps line only from € 36 per month.

For almost two decades, we have been providing quality network services and top connectivity with low latency and high stability at the Coolhousing datacenter. We constantly push the boundaries and bars of what is possible, and now we come up not only with a significant price reduction of connectivity, but also we make the 10 Gbps connectivity speed available to all customers on a large scale. We have raised the bar of quality and speed of internet connection to a higher level, join us.

We have reduced the price of the most popular 1 Gbps Basic and Advance connectivity by more than 40%. Since September, we can connect 1 Gbps Basic connectivity to your technologies at the Coolhousing datacenter from € 9 for one month and, for some services, is completely for free. There is still the 1 Gbps Advance connection for the most demand clients, which includes a private VLAN and two uplinks from separate switches. It starts only at € 20 per month.

However, if you need to increase the network and connectivity to whole new level, we have a great news for you - extremely fast 10 Gbps Start connectivity. With this shared connectivity, monthly from € 36, work and data on the server and colocation definitely move to a new dimension, where download time and file size become completely insignificant quantities. Stream, provide and transfer large amounts of data with 10 Gbps START!

Colocation connection is fast than never before