dedicated servers

Dedicated server

Reliability, performance and security
in professional server

Dedicated servers for you

  • Customized professional server configuration
  • Efficient server lease with the option to purchase
  • High availability and possible SLA 99.98% guarantee

Complex server services

The dedicated server is a non-shared server for you and is designed to run the most demanding projects. We take care of the server 24/7 in our modern data center.

Benefits ofdedicated servers

We have been providing dedicated servers since 2003 and we know what is needed during operation.
That is why we have optimized everything for your satisfaction and maximum functionality.

Ensuring high availablity

To dedicated server we can add you two independent power supplies, a second uplink or a high availability SLA guarantee.

Security and server buyout

The price of the server includes Anti-DDoS protection and the option to buy the server after 24 months of rental.

Installation of any OS

You can run any operating system on the dedicated server. We can also help with SPLA licenses from Microsoft.

Server remote management

You can manage the server via SSH, VNC or RDP. KVM over IP is completely and anytime for free.

Limitless consumption & connection

The price of any dedicated server includes its monthly consumption and 1 Gbps connectivity with unlimited data transfer to the network and transit.

HW service 24/7 for free

Replacement or modification of HW components will be performed by experienced technicians in our data center in one business day.

dedicated server advantages

Pricelistserver rental

Our selection includes DELL, HPE and Supermicro servers that we have in stock. We will also be happy to create a server according to your requirements.

Every server includes:

  • 1 Gbps START connectivity (NIX/Transit)

  • 1 IPv4 and /96 IPv6 addresses

  • Connection to generator and UPS

Supermicro E-2314 from € 146,94/month

CPU: Intel Xeon E-2314 (4C, 4.5 GHz)

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 ECC

SSD: 2x 240 GB SATA 6G


Supermicro E-2234 NVMefrom € 197,10/month

CPU: Intel Xeon E-2234 (4C, 4.8 GHz)

RAM: 32 GB DDR4 3200 ECC

SSD: 2× 960 GB SSD NVMe M.2

SSD + HDD storage

Supermicro 4215from € 181,85/month

CPU: Intel Silver 4215 (8C, 3.5 GHz)

RAM: 64 GB DDR4 3200 ECC Reg

SSD: 2× 960 GB SSD NVMe M.2



Dell PowerEdge R440from € 154,58/month

CPU: Intel Silver 4110 (8C, 3.0 GHz)


SSD: 2x 480 GB SSD SATA-6G

RAID: Dell PERC HBA330 Controller


HPE Proliant DL360 Gen10from € 180,23/month

CPU: Intel Silver 4110 (8C, 3.0 GHz)



RAID: HP SmartArray P440 2GB

The cheapest server

Barebone R5 1600from € 51,30/month

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (6C, 3.6 GHz)

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 non-ECC

SSD: 2× 240 GB SSD SATA-6G

Server of the month

Barebone R5 5600Gfrom € 68,85/month

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G (6C, 4.4 GHz)

RAM: 64 GB DDR4 non-ECC

SSD: 2× 480 GB SSD SATA-6G


Are you interested in the different server configuration or solution?

We will be happy to help you and prepare a customized server for you


Managed server and services

Dedicated server with our managed services from our experienced administrators

Most popularhosting services

Get the most out of your dedicated hosting with our additional services.

Connection to 10 Gbps

Basic 1 Gbps connectivity is not enough for you? Upgrade to 10 Gbps.


Firewall and VPN

Put security first, whether it's network or server management.

Find more

MS Windows Licenses

Are Microsoft licenses not your cup of tee? We will be happy to help you.

Rent licenses

Connectivity with 1:1 aggregation

The highest level of connectivity without any restrictions and only for your server.

More information

External data storage

Do you need a separate space for your backup? NAS or shared storage is for you!

I need it

Satellite/TV signal

Streaming, or video analysis. Professional satellite direct connection to your server.

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Qualitywithout compromises
The highest assurement
Quality assurance

Check the quality of our dedicated servers under our 14 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will send you a full refund.

Audits and internal level
Iso procedures

All our internal processes are regularly audited by certification authorities to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

Funding and facilities of dedicated server

Server purchase and investment costs

You can lease a dedicated server as an operating expense with a fixed monthly amount and without a large upfront investment. After two years, we provide a great benefit to our clients - the possibility to purchase a leased server on request for only € 3.

Buyout of server and financial costs
Professional data center for long-term performance

Professional facility for long performance

We place dedicated servers in air-conditioned server rooms, which are monitored 24/7 by a physically present operator in our data center and connected to high-end redundant connectivity.

About us

Join to the dozens of our satisfied clients, who use dedicated server services.

"With Coolhousing we have been working together since 2017. From the beginning of our cooperation, we have always appreciated fast and friendly dealings, whether in the form of personal communication or solving requests through the ticketing system. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the services provided (dedicated servers, connectivity, services) and there have been no unreported service outages or delays in the provision of services and support during the entire period of our operation. Cooperation with colleagues from DC Coolhousing is excellent, both on a personal and professional level, and enables a quick and friendly solution to our needs."

"We have been cooperating with Coolhousing datacenter for many years and all the time the services provided have been a great support for our business. Both in approach and quality. I can only recommend Coolhousing's great services. We are looking forward to further cooperation and as far as our further expansion in Central Europe is concerned, we are very clear about the server and infrastructure supplier - we are continuing with Coolhousing. Thank you".

"During our cooperation with the Coolhousing data centre, there have been no significant outages and we have not experienced any problems with the availability of dedicated servers. Communication is also seamless. We can only recommend them".

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What happensafter order
We will send you all information about order to your email address

After confirming your order, we will send you all the information to your email address and after receiving the payment we will inform you about the date of server activation.

The preparation of your dedicated server and network settings

As soon as your server is ready, our data center technicians will contact you by email and all network settings you can find in our CP administration.

Most oftenFAQ

No, you definitely won´t. The price for the server is final and includes not only the server setup, one IPv4 address, and connectivity, but even all power consumption of the server.

Yes, you may. We will be happy to discuss your configuration change request with you and, after your confirmation, carry out the installation

You can install your own software to any extent of your choice. However, we strongly recommend checking whether the end user license agreement of that software permits the product being used in that manner. A typical example of non-compliant licenses are the so-called OEM licenses.

You can have 4 IPv4 addresses for a dedicated server, and the first IPv4 address is always for free. If you are interested in more IPv4 addresses, please contact us. Within IPv6 addresses, you can have a range of /96.

Unfortunately, you may not. You are not allowed to alter the server's hardware settings or perform actions that could damage the server (Flash BIOS, clocking). Only we are authorized to alter the configuration of dedicated servers. The design of the server (rack/tower) and the method of placement in the DC is also decided by the provider, unless otherwise specified.

We deliver dedicated servers without an operating system. As an optional service, you can order the basic installation of a typical Linux distribution (usually Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) for a one-time fee € 20. The basic installation of Windows OS in dedicated servers is performed, free of charge, within the monthly licensing fee (no more than once per month).

You can install the operating system on the dedicated server yourself using our remote management KVM over IP, which is completely free anytime.

Do you have question or look for another solution?

Call us at +420 777 310 000 or send us a message, we will reply you immediately