A scrubbing center or a cleansing station is a network point that analyzes network traffic in real time. Coolhousing datacenter’s scrubbing center can quickly and accurately differentiate between legitimate (ordinary) traffic, malicious (attacking) traffic and unusual traffic originating from ordinary traffic. If RadWare’s patented behavioral analysis identifies certain traffic as a potential threat (DDoS, known vulnerabilities and exploits), then such traffic is removed in the scrubbing center.

Coolhousing Anti-DDoS, RadWare Scrubing center


Coolhousing Scrubbing Center uses advanced technologies of proactive monitoring and behavioral analysis in both the preparation mode to protect the data flow and in the permanent protection mode.


Traffic that is not in the permanent protection mode can be rerouted to the scrubbing center at any time (usually using DNS or BGP), where it gets cleansed and the client then receives just clean traffic.

Coolhousing Anti-DDoS solution

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