The serverhousing service allows you to place your server in our data centre. We will connect your server to the Internet and provide an uninterrupted power supply. Our network fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Connection speed is provided based on your requirements. Standard connections are aggregated, but we also offer guaranteed connectivity. Each server is connected to a measured electrical plug and therefore, you will not pay extra for unconsumed electric power. Diesel powered generators and UPS units provide backup power.

Tower server collocation

Server Colocation

for only € 31,64 per month

  • Small Tower case
  • 50W real power input in the price
  • 1 Gbps START connectivity to transit and NIX
  • Anti-DDoS BASIC protection included
  • Monitoring BASIC, backup by UPS and DA
  • 1x IPv4, /96 IPv6
  • KVM over IP 24/7 for free
  • Access to DC and customer support 24/7
Rack server collocation

Rack server Colocation

for only € 31,64 per month

  • 1U rack case
  • 50W real power input in the price
  • 1 Gbps START connectivity to transit and NIX
  • Anti-DDoS BASIC protection included
  • Monitoring BASIC, backup by UPS and DA
  • 1x IPv4, /96 IPv6
  • KVM over IP 24/7 for free
  • Access to DC and customer support 24/7

We can put your server in our rack shelf regardless of the depth of your server. We only need to know the U number (server height). We will place your server into the most suitable rack in our shared data centre room, where authorized people have 24-hour access seven days a week. If you want to use a regular shelf for your server, we will consider the size of the shelf to be the size of your server. You must supply your server together with an assembly kit.

Small tower, tower and big tower server types are stored on shelves but we may also accommodate servers in desktop type cabinets. Servers are placed in shared data centre rooms, where our technicians have 24-hour access seven days a week. If you require it, we may place sensitive servers in air-conditioned and safe boxes.

Service benefits

  • a server size and design that fits your needs
  • an energy efficient server for a favourable price
  • maximum optimisation of hosting costs
  • the ability to restart the server via hosting web administration


  • service deployment and installation for free
  • backbone server connectivity in our air-conditioned housing centre
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • double connectivity backup
  • DNS reverse entry free of charge
  • 24 * 7 access to serveroom free of charge
  • 24 * 7 customer service
  • power supply backup by UPS and diesel generator free of charge
  • server restarts by phone/email
  • 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps ports with connectivity
  • public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses


  • 1× uplink with connectivity
  • allocated network settings
  • uplink terminated with a RJ45 connector
  • space on a shared shelf (backer rack)
  • 1× 230V socket

Terms and conditions

  • the server must be supplied in the rack or tower format
  • server cooling must be directed from the cold to the warm lane
  • the server and equipment may not exceed the allocated space
  • the rack server must be supplied including the assembly set for the rack
  • for assembly of the rack server, a rack shelf can be used in the rack
  • one rack shelf or mounting kit can be used only for one server
  • the server must be secured against potential damage from ordinary handling
  • the maximum power consumption per server is 500W

How should I proceed if I want to order server hosting?

  1. Send a non-binding order, in which you will fill in the data known to you.
  2. Send a non-binding order, in which you will fill in the data known to you.
  3. You can measure the output of the server at home using a watt meter or specify the configuration in a note in the order. Based on the specified information, the output can be estimated.
  4. In response to your non-binding order, you will be contacted by our sales department with an offer, or you will receive an advance invoice for ordered services. If you decide not to use server hosting based on the received advance invoice, you will not be punished in any way for not paying the invoice!
  5. Based on your requested date of putting the service into operation or carrying out the payment, you will be contacted by technical support, who will schedule an appointment for installation of the server in the data centre.
  6. During the installation of the server, our technician will measure its actual output using a watt meter or via the output of an intelligent outlet, and if necessary the technician will correct the output value in relation to the price.
  7. If you are not satisfied with the measuring results, you may decide not to have the server installed, and all payments will be returned to you in full.
  8. You will simply sign the contract and the transfer record, and everything will be finished.
Coolhousing, Basic DDoS protection included

Server dimension

In our data center, we will accommodate any server designed for 19" rack of any depth. The only item that needs to be known is a quantity of rack units (U) that the server will occupy in the rack.

1U = 1.75 in = 44.45 mm

We will accommodate any tower or desktop server in our data center. To determine the correct category, all that is needed is to calculate the case's volume (multiply all three sides of a case), convert the product to cubic decimeters (1 dm = 0.1 m; 1 dm³ = 0.001 m³), and compare the result with the following values.

x < 15 dm³ = SmallTower
16 dm³ < x < 50 dm³ = Tower
50 dm³ < x < 75 dm³ = BigTower
75 dm³ < x = Special case

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  • "I'm not searching any more.
    For 10 years, I searched for and switched between different companies, which enabled operation of our system in our required extent.Sooner or later, a serious operating problem appeared with each company. In 2009 I discovered Coolhousing. Coolhousing's services and approach are absolutely excellent and problem-free. I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the running of the company for their willingness, professional approach and cooperation."

  • "When choosing a provider of server colocation we concentrated, among other things, on the fact which providers actually responded to our enquiry and what conditions they offered.

    At Coolhousing we have not only a contractually agreed power input corresponding to reality but, as a company engaged in the development of web applications, we also rely on a fast and individual approach of the provider’s technical and sales team."

  • "We began cooperating with Coolhousing in 2011. At the time, we were looking for only a reasonable and perhaps temporary solution with a dedicated server for a favourable price. In 2 years of cooperation, we have found Coolhousing to be a high quality business partner, not only because of its provided service, but also its customer and technical support. The company responds very quickly to all questions and requests. Therefore, the expected temporary solution has become a permanent solution, thanks to the quality and price of services!"