First steps with VPS: How to install a virtual server

First steps with VPS: How to install a virtual server

A lot of customers are still surprised that work with virtual servers by Coolhousing is the same as with any other physical server. The only exception rests in web administration that will serve the administrator as optical mechanics with an installation CD/DVD and a computer front panel, via which it is possible to turn-on, turn-off, or restart the server. Coolhousing web administration brings you that and much more.

After receiving your new controlpanel sign-in name and password, go to https://controlpanel.coolhousing.net/ – and sign there in with your data:

VPS login page

After login you will see Dashboard.

CP Dashboard

Now go to the tab Clients profile, you will see Services verview and ahead you will see all your active service.

CP Services overview

When you click on a name of service, the detailed information about the service will be displayed. There, the server can be restarted, turned-off, or turned-on and etc. Option of the server’s direct reinstallation to some of the wide supply of supported operating systems and distributions is also commonplace. In addition, it is possible to work with backups there. They are executed every day as the standard; however, based on a client’s requirement, it is also possible to create one backup manually in this interface.

VPS Administration

With the Console button, we can display the makeshift HTML5 console.However, for the full-fledged work, we recommend utilization of the full-fledged VNC client (TightVNC, etc.) instead.

VPS admin page

For setting of VNC console you must go to Settings tab and here you will see VNC console settings module. Here are information about VNC server address and you can set password for VNC connection.


VNC login

It is possible that after displaying the console, you will see a black screen with a prompt to enter a booting medium:

VNC page

In such case, it is necessary to select an operating system first. It can be done in the System tab where in the Installation of virtual server module, we will select option Installation from ISO image in Installation type box and the requested distribution in Install box will be confirmed with the Install button.

Start installation

After pushing the button, the request is placed to the queue. The system is now attempting the “soft restart” and only if it is not successful, the server would be “hard” restarted. That means that from the moment of pushing the button, it takes approximately 1 minute before the installation is really initialized.

Starting of installation

After executing restart and loading the installation medium, you will sign in to the server via VNC (or HTML5 console), and you will yourself carry out installation in accordance with your own ideas and requirements.

Start Ubuntu installation

Now you can install your server as you wish…

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