Shared connectivity may not meet your specific requirements or it is inconvenient to keep track of every transmitted megabit. There is an end to everything! Due to special CISCO network elements, we are able to offer you 10Mbps reserved connectivity without sharing or data limits for incredible price.

Why choose 10Mbps reserved connectivity?
Non-shared connectivity in NIX and abroad! Connectivity just for you, with transmittance throughout the Internet...
Unlimited data transfers! Stop counting transmitted data – join us and your costs will become fixed...
Connectivity double backup! We do not leave anything to chance...

Limited connectivity offer
10Mbps dedicated line
(based on special technology)
{cool_price singleserver10dedik}/month

We are able to offer so good prices due to the CISCO technology tailored to the 10Mbps transmission rate. This considerably reduces costs of operation, however, there is a limiting factor, the 10Mbps fixed transmission rate.

Do you need more?

If you need more but you don´t have a clue how much more, we are ready to offer you initial prices for reserved connectivity. For the first 6 months of the service, we can offer you 1Mbps dedicated line for only € 8/month. The connectivity may be changed at any time to allow the client achieve their optimal rate. What is more, if you find out during first 14 days of the use of the service that this service does not meet your needs, we will give you all your money back.

Connectivity Price for 1Mbps
5Mbps - 15Mbps
(minimal step 5Mbps)
€ 8/month
20Mbps - 99Mbps
(minimal step 1Mbps)
€ 13/month
100Mbps - 199Mbps
(minimal step 1Mbps)
€ 12/month
200Mbps - 300Mbps
(minimal step 1Mbps)
€ 10/month