Better connectivity and faster optic fiber circuit

25 Gbps in service, 100 Gbps is close

It is not so long, what we have added the first 25 Gbps port to our network thanks to Juniper EX4650 switches. As we announced, our connection to the NIX network has been upgraded. And now we have completed the other step - the interconnection between the CEColo and our data center with a new optic fiber circuit, which will be lighted on 100 Gbps speed, soon.

At the end of last year, we announced the planned transition of our 10GE NIX connection to 25 Gbps. After several delays due to hardware delivery, we have made the upgrade few weeks ago and you can see the utilization of our first 25 Gbps port on the NIX public statistics.

In addition to the 25 Gbps port to NIX and 40 Gbps transit connectivities, we have connected our CEColo and Coolhousing Vinohrady locations via another independent fiber route. And we will light up this route with the first 100 Gbps link in the next weeks, in order to provide our customers sufficient geographically redundant connectivity from a remote location, with Anti-DDoS protection, also in redundancy. This is a fulfillment of the other goals, which we promised to our customers.

Our commitment: 25 Gbps connectivity for clients

In September 2020, we launched 10 Gbps START connectivity. Bacause we do not set any small goals, we have new extraordinary goal – 25Gbps START connectivity. No later than Monday, September 25, 2023, this new type of connection will be ready and added to our pricelist. Time is running out, let’s do it.

Coolhousing team

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