All flavours of server collocation: customers’ experience

All flavours of server colocation: customers’ experience

At a restaurant, you don’t usually pay for what you could eat and for what the restaurateur thinks he could make money from you. You pay for what you actually eat. Why should it be otherwise in server colocation?

Would you have a lunch at a quality restaurant or would you prefer it in a canteen with identical trays, identical dishes and the identical taste of all meals but at a lower price? It is similar with server colocation. Some providers offer individual services whereas others aluminium cutlery for everybody. What they have in common is that they get paid generously. Coolhousing, where you can obtain top server colocation according to your taste for the price of a decent lunch for two people, is an exception.

While other providers make use of intelligent socket panels to check whether or not a customer is exceeding the flat amount of power consumption fixed by contract (i.e. pre-paid), at Coolhousing each customer has the option to set, in steps of ten watts, exactly such power input that corresponds to the thirty-day average of the real power input of the server. It’s the very measurement of the monthly average that provides sufficient protection against unexpected exceeding of delicately set contractual consumption at periods of increased load or restarts of the server.

There’re usually no food bloggers walking in server rooms with their camera mobile phones that are always ready; however, satisfied customers are the best praise for the chef even here: “When choosing a provider of server colocation we concentrated, among other things, on the fact which providers actually responded to our enquiry and what conditions they offered. At Coolhousing we have not only a contractually agreed power input corresponding to reality but, as a company engaged in the development of web applications, we also rely on a fast and individual approach of the provider’s technical and sales team”, explains Jan Pešek, executive of Sutech s.r.o.

For example, AZPOHONY s.r.o., a supplier of gate and door drives, is a proof that almost everyone can get quality server colocation at Coolhousing. Its needs are fully satisfied by a small and low-cost server, the long-term power input of which only slightly exceeds 50 watts. Dalibor Krchňák, the company’s executive, is very happy mainly about favourable price terms: “Thanks to extensive options of setting the parameters of server colocation and contract terms, we got down to five hundred crowns a month, which was an offer that couldn’t be matched.” At Coolhousing, server colocation for a few hundred crowns is a reality.

However, in the Coolhousing data center at Vinohradská Avenue in Prague you can also find servers or server farms from the other end of the performance spectrum. Tailor-made server colocation is used e.g. by the skveleceny.cz e-shop, which operates no less than three tower servers with an own switch and an aggregate power input of 0.2 kW there: “If you’re looking for server colocation for the trouble-free operation of your applications, you can’t be interested only in the price. Above all, the availability of the service, especially when your business depends on it, is of key importance. Coolhousing provides quality services to us and thanks to consumption measurement it can even offer a very interesting price to us,” praises Jan Surý, executive of EuroDistribution s.r.o., which runs the shop www.skveleceny.cz.

Do you still feel like paying other providers for the rated output of the source, or do you want to say goodbye to flat rates? Have an offer of tailor-made server colocation prepared and join the ranks of satisfied customers of Coolhousing.

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