Anti-DDoS: The Most Reliable Protection Of Your Servers

Anti-DDoS: The Most Reliable Protection Of Your Servers

We are introducing the Anti-DDoS service to protect your servers from the impacts of Denial of Service type of attacks. The service offers advanced methods of proactive monitoring and behavioural analysis.

Denial of Service (DoS attacks) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS attacks) are two of today’s most serious threats. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to organise them, while efficient protection is technically complicated and usually also costly. Whereas organising an attack may cost tens of dollars, equipment capable of withstanding it will cost tens of thousands of dollars. (D)DoS attacks can target virtually anyone; their severity and frequency are constantly growing.

That said, the Internet is a very important and inseparable part of everyday life. Email means communication, web presentations provide sales, and stored files are information. All these elements provide both business contacts and entertainment. Yet, (D)DoS attacks are relatively simply able to shut down your servers for weeks.

Protection against (D)DoS attacks is not easy, because the attack needs to be distinguished from normal traffic, and moreover, attackers use a number of techniques that render protection even more difficult. At Coolhousing, we have built in protection at several levels.

Anti-DDoS: Protection Against the Worst Threat

The first of them is membership in the secure FENIX network, which uses the domestic peering node NIX.CZ to connect several major trustworthy operators that conform to strict operating and their own network protection standards. The purpose of FENIX is to maintain operation of at least part of the Czech Internet in the event of multiple massive DDoS attacks on key infrastructure, such as those you will recall from the spring of 2013.

As the second level of protection, we have deployed RadWare DefensePro network components, which establish a so-called grey zone in the data centre, i.e., a safe perimeter inside which attackers cannot see and thus do not know what awaits them on the imaginary other side. RadWare DefensePro performs behavioural analysis of traffic, and is able to recognise in the data stream a commencing attack or automatically spreading malware, for example.

Joining the FENIX network and protection by means of the grey zone is available automatically and free of charge for all our customers. We offer behavioural traffic analysis, including active protection from the most common attacks, starting at a mere CZK 500 a month. Additional services, such as protection from DNS Flood or SYN Flood attacks, or even protection from connection jamming (so-called Connection Limit), can be arranged based on individual request.

For further information, please visit https://www.coolhousing.net/en/anti-ddos.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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