Anti-DDoS protection against DoS and DDoS threads

Anti-DDoS protection now with immediate notification

You can read about Cyber attacks threats at every corner. Unfortunately, it is so easy to send or order such attack as buying at a convenience store. Defend your technology effectively.

For almost 10 years we have been successfully protecting all servers in our data center against network threats such as DoS and DDoS. Either in the form of basic Anti-DDoS protection, which is free for clients of all our services, or in the Anti-DDoS Business variant, which is always configured according to the specific needs of the customer and his project (more information here). Whether you are already using or you will use one of these protections, we have added email notifications to keep you informed about which of your IP addresses an attacker has tried to attack, what type of attack it was, how long it lasted and the strength of the attack.

Information in email and administration

All above mentioned attack information will now be automatically sent immediately upon detection of an attack to the email address you provided in the online administration Control Panel. In your administration profile you will also find, among other things, a history of all attacks that have been conducted on your servers and IP addresses.

In operation, it is common for a DDoS attack to get stronger sometimes. If we notice a change in the intensity or type of attack, you will be notified immediately by the email. This kind of information is often crucial to successfully repelling attacks, so we are happy to share it to ensure a safer network for everyone.

How looks like DDoS monitoring in our administration

Types of attacks and statistics

There are many types of cyber-attacks and often they are combined to achieve the desired result. However, by monitoring the network and detecting known signatures, we can detect, name and, most importantly, repel these attacks. Below are examples of the most common types of attacks based on our statistics:

  • 1) TCP SYN
  • 2) UDP
  • 3) IP fragmentation
  • 4) TCP RST
  • 5) DNS
  • 6) DNS Amplification
  • 7) CLDAP amplification
  • 8) NTP Amplification
  • 9) memcached Amplification
  • 10) TCP SYN/ACK Amplification

So far, the strongest attack, that we have recorded and repelled in fully automatic mode was 44Gbps, while the longest lasted over 2 days, respectively 49 hours, 25 minutes and 59 seconds.

If you prefer security and quality of network traffic, do not hesitate to contact us. With our AntiDDoS protection, notifications and CP administration, you have a clear view of what’s happening around your servers 24/7.

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