Are you unhappy with the rising electricity prices? You can reduce your servers' input!

Are you sad with the rising electricity prices?

You can reduce your servers' input! Rising electricity prices usually mean growing costs of ITC operation. You can avoid higher payments for electricity if you employ energy-saving servers -the dedicated servers now offered by Coolhousing. Why not to try, for example, the new Supermicro server with microprocessor Intel i3-2120T, whose input is only 47 W in standard operation?

In response to the rising electricity prices at the beginning of this calendar year, great many server housing providers increased the prices for their services. Anyway, there is an alternative – reduced consumption of hosted technologies. “In Coolhousing, as for the server housing, we have measured the real sever consumption and decided to offer our clients lower fixed electricity rates. We have modified our offer of dedicated servers. At present, it comprises more economical models, whose performance parameters should meet potential clients’ needs. Despite the higher electricity prices, both solutions give us opportunity not to increase the prices for our services to great many of our clients,” explains the company strategy Karel Umlauf, CEO.

The offer of Coolhousing dedicated servers includes an energy-saving server Supermicro, equipped with a double-core processor Intel Core i3-2120T designed for low consumption. Under normal operation conditions the input of the device is 47 W, at full load the maximum input is 58 W. With 4 GB RAM, 500GB SATA hard disc and shared 100Mbit connectivity, the server is available only for € 57,- /month providing that the contract is concluded for 24 months.

Among other economical servers offered by Coolhousing are the HP Compaq 4000 and the CoolBarebone. The former is equipped with the processor Intel Pentium E6600 and hard disc SATA with a capacity of 500 GB. The CoolBarebone offers the processor Intel Atom D525 and hard disc SATA with a capacity of 500GB. Both models possess a 4 GB RAM and 100Mbit shared connectivity. Under standard operation conditions, the HP Compaq 4000 consumes 52 W, maximum 67 W; the CoolBarebone reaches to 49 W at maximum load and marvellous 39 W during the standard operation. If the contract is concluded for 24 months, the HP Compaq 4000 is available for € 46,- /month, while the CoolBarebone is cheaper, only € 42,- /month. Each Coolhousing dedicated server is provided with free 100 GB at the network data repository.

“For operation of less loaded website or mail servers, dedicated servers with low consumption mean an ideal combination of satisfactory performance and minimum costs. In addition, the lower server consumption reduces the costs of the operation of ICT devices and the environment as well,” emphasises Karel Umlauf.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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