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Better connection to Slovakia: Coolhousing joins SIX!

On 25 August 2014, Coolhousing became a member of two Slovak peering centres: SIX and SitelIX. Direct connectivity to Slovakia will allow you to be closer to your customers while enjoying the same conditions that apply to connectivity to the local NIX.CZ network.

Currently, connectivity to Slovakia is routed via our global connectivity providers. Following the reconfiguration of our network, which took place during the night of 26th and 27th August, connectivity to Slovakia will be routed directly to Slovak Internet nodes.

In addition to making connectivity more direct and simple, we will no longer perceive connection to Slovakia as global connectivity, but instead we will manage it as connection to the NIX.CZ network, the local peering centre. This will result in an increase in speed for our customers.

The peering capacity to SIX and SitelIX will start at 1 Gbps, which, with sufficient reserve, should cover the current demand. We have already been peering to NIX.CZ with a number of providers that are members of SIX and SitelIX. However, as we know that our customers are often interested in the Slovak market, we have decided to join SIX and SitelIX and thus make connection to Slovakia as direct as possible.

If you know of other news that you believe is worth our consideration when working on development of our services, please email us at info@coolhousing.net or post on our Facebook page.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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