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At Coolhousing, the end of the summer is in the sign of improving connectivity. The connection to the SIX Slovak internet exchange point is followed by another foreign connectivity treat: We have commenced the operation of the third transit line and automatically increased the speed of foreign connection for all customers.

This year’s late summer sees Coolhousing enhancing the connectivity. As you might have read in this blog, first we upgraded the network in relation to the connection of the secondary geographical location at Sitel Telehouse. At the end of August we entered the SIX and SitelIX peering centres and no longer consider the connection to Slovakia to be transit. And, on 1 September, we commenced the operation of a third independent transit line, which will increase the speed of all customers’ connection to foreign countries.

The basic offer will include 100 Mb/s connection to peering points NIX.CZ, SIX and SitelIX and 50 Mb/s transit connection. All customers with foreign connections of 16 and 32 Mb/s will be transferred to these tariffs automatically and, of course, their bills will remain the same.

Customers using the 1 Gb/s line will be allowed to access NIX.CZ, SIX and SitelIX at this speed. The speed of their transit connection will be increased from 50 and 75 to 100 Mb/s. A faster connection can be used for the connection of a whole rack and in other cases upon request: The speed of the connection to NIX.CZ, SIX and SitelIX remains 1 Gb/s; however, the transit speed will soar to 200 Mb/s. The existing customers using the transit speed of 150 Mb/s will be transferred to this tariff automatically.

Network structure

Fortunately, we were not forced to increase the connectivity by operating needs, for the workload of our lines was under 20 % in the long run. However, we decided to raise our data centre to an entirely new level and wanted to make the huge capacity of connections that we are purchasing benefit our existing customers.

The new supplier of the transit connectivity is FastCommunication s.r.o., which has expanded the ranks of the existing suppliers – Dial Telecom and Interoute. At the same time, FastCommunication locates a part of its own technologies in our data centre and will, if required, be able to sell their connectivity directly to our customers. With a bit of exaggeration, we can say that our data centre has become a tiny peering exchange point.

We hope that you find the new conditions for connections to Slovakia and faster transit useful. You can be sure that the development of our services will not stop there.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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