The clearance sale is not over! Get an affordable HP branded set!

The big sale isn´t over! Get an affordable HP set!

Our warehouses contain a few remaining storage servers prepared for leasing. For a fantastic price of just EUR 26,31 per month, you can have a high-performing HP machine with an AMD processor and 1 Gbps of connectivity.

In the most affordable configuration of HP Compaq 6305, you will find quad-core AMD A10-5800B central processing units enhanced with 8 GB of operating memory and a pair of 500 g SATA disks. When you lease this server for just EUR 26,31 per month, you will also get unlimited data transfers along a shared line at transmission speeds of up to 1 Gb/s to the NIX.CZ, NIX.SK and SIX peering zones, 100 Mb/s to the German DE-CIX node and the Dutch AMS-IX node and finally also 100 Mb/s of transit connectivity. This connectivity configuration is included with all clearance sale offers.

Our other clearance sale machines also come from HP’s production lines. You can acquire any of them for EUR 48,35 per month, and it is up to you whether you choose the Compaq Pro 4300 with higher processor performance, the Compaq 8300 with larger hard disks or the Compaq 8100, which offers both advantages.

The HP Compaq Pro 4300 is based on a very high-performing Intel Core i7-3770S processor, which has four physical cores and thanks to Hyper-Threading technology works with up to 8 digital fibres. It is enhanced by 16 GB of operating memory and a pair of 500 GB SATA hard disks.

The quad-core and quad-fibre Intel Core i5-3570 processor will improve the running of the HP Compaq 8300. There is again a sufficient 16 GB of operating memory available, but both SATA hard disks in this slightly weaker processor configuration have a capacity of 1 TB.

The four servers being offered in the clearance sale culminate with the HP Compaq 8100, which combines the advantages of both of the previously mentioned sets. The slightly weaker capacity of operating memory is made up for by the quad-core Intel Core i7 860 processor with Hyper-Threading support, and data can be stored on a pair of RAID 1 TB SATA-6G disks.

Coolhousing + HP

As is customary with us, the sets being offered in the clearance sale have been used for a short period, but they have all been thoroughly tested and include full hardware service free of charge. This means that if there any server malfunction, Coolhousing will ensure the repair or replacement of the server. Of course, ownership of the server can be purchased for an incredible EUR 2 after two years.

Don’t suffer from shared hosting. Take advantage of the comfort of a dedicated server only for your needs. You will find a complete offer on the web at https://www.coolhousing.net/en/hosting-dedicated-servers.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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