Birthday celebration at Coolhousing: 10 years of its own autonomous system

Birthday celebration at Coolhousing: 10 years of its own autonomous system

First Monday in November is in the Coolhousing's calendar a significant day: It marks the tenth anniversary of the administration of our own "piece of the Internet" - the autonomous system AS35592. And what is the best way to celebrate an important anniversary? And what is the best way to celebrate an important anniversary? A hefty discount for everyone!

Serverhousing under the Coolhousing name has been on the Czech market since 2003. In 2005, the company acquired its own autonomous system, i.e., its own set of IP prefixes (IP address range) – simply speaking, its own piece of the internet.

Coolhousing has traditionally focused on quality solutions provided under fair conditions and at unbeatable prices. Even so, this 100% domestic company managed to grow from the original 60 m2 to today’s 400 m2 of server area and especially into the position of a respected provider. See for yourself.

The company is a full member of the NIX.CZ peering node, to which it operates two geographically redundant data connections. It has its own CSIRT team, thanks to which and thanks to meeting a number of other stringent qualifying criteria it is also a member of an exclusive safe network called FENIX. FENIX operates within NIX.CZ and protects Czech Internet against DDoS attacks. Besides NIX, Coolhousing is also a member of the Slovak nodes SIX and NIX.SK and also of Europe’s largest nodes, DE-CIX and AMS-IX.

The infrastructure of the data center, which is located in Vinohradská avenue, is based on fully redundant Juniper routers. There are three direct optical routes to secondary locations – the THP data center in Vinohradská avenue, CE Colo in Nad Elektrárnou street, and Nagano in U Nákladového nádraží street. All our technologies support dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6. IPv6 addresses are actively distributed to customers. DDoS attacks are tackled by our scrubbing center, which is equipped with Radware DefensePro units.

“Ten years can be considered an eternity in an IT company, yet we still remember renumbering of IP addresses when allocating our own autonomous system and the purchase of our first diesel power-backup unit. Coolhousing has always profiled itself as a cost-effective alternative to large providers, yet it has gradually managed to expand its services and win the trust of many important companies both from the Czech Republic and abroad, including, for example, large electronics stores, which are existentially dependent on high-quality server housing” Karel Umlauf, owner and CEO of Coolhousing, describes the last decade of his company’s existence.

And what would a birthday be without presents? Coolhousing has a gift for each client! Current clients will receive an email with a discount coupon for CZK 1000 valid until the end of November 2015, and effective 2nd November 2015, all Cool-clients can forget contractual arrangements! All new contracts lasting at least till the end of 2015 will include no contractual commitment, however, the price will be the same as for the previous two-year commitment-based contracts.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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