Customers turn to us with a problem that they cannot connect to their VPS Windows server through RDP. We found out by analyzing of network traffic we found attack on port of service RDP (Remote desktop). We recommend either allow on firewall only IP address from which you connect to RDP or blocking of the attacker's IP range.

As the source of the attack we identified IP range, so we recommend block this IP range on your server. How to do it?

Log into the your virtual server via VNC console from the client section

Click on Start -> administrative tools > windows firewall with advanced security

Útok - obr. 1

Choose "Coming rules" and "New rule".

Útok - obr. 2

Now you wait for the dialog for the new rule.

Útok - obr. 3

Útok - obr. 4

Útok - obr. 5

Útok - obr. 6

Útok - obr. 7

Útok - obr. 8

Útok - obr. 9

Útok - obr. 10

Útok - obr. 11

After clicking on "Finished" you will se the new rule.

Útok - obr. 12

Remote desktop on the server starts to move immediately. If you aren´t comfortable with this adjestment with these instructions, contact our administrators please and they create this rule for a fee 200 CZK.

Author: Jirka Dvořák


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