Brand new tariffs VPS Windows Standard and Business

Brand new tariffs VPS Windows Standard and Business

Feedback from our customers is always a guide for us during innovation of services. In the case of VPS on the Windows platform, you have most often demanded a configuration that would have performance between both platforms provided so far. From the older VPS Windows Plus we have developed one cheaper and one brand new better performing variant, which you will newly find in our offering as VPS Windows Standard and VPS Windows Business.

With VPS Windows Standard, for CZK 590 per month you can obtain a virtual server with three processor cores, each with 1800 MHz, 4 GB of RAM and 50 GB of disk space. You can expand your VPS by an additional 30 GP for CZK 50 per month. VPS Windows Business even offers 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB of disk space. Three 2400 processor cores are available. All of this costs CZK 990 per month. Disk capacity can be expanded by another 50 GB for a fee of CZK 75 per month.

The improvement of VPS parameters also applies to current customers. If you use VPS in configurations introduced in 2013, then upon request we will reset your virtual servers to a new configuration absolutely free of charge! Unfortunately, we cannot perform the process automatically, because it requires a restart of the VPS. You can request the change of configuration by writing to info@coolhousing.net or by submitting your request directly from the Control Panel.

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