Celebrating 10 years at NIX.CZ

Celebrating 10 years at NIX.CZ

This March 10th, we will be commemorating the tenth anniversary of the connection of our network to the Czech peering exchange point, NIX.CZ. Over the past decade, what had begun as the first tentative steps of a young company in a newly assigned autonomous system grew into a fully-redundant independent fibre route and membership in the exclusive FENIX network.

Coolhousing became a member of the NIX.CZ peering exchange point on 10 March 2006. After ten years, our network and NIX.CZ are interconnected by two of our own 10-gigabyte fibre routes that ensure not only quality domestic connectivity for customer servers, but primarily offer sufficient reserves for possible transmission peaks as well as future service development. Thanks to these connections, you had the opportunity have become accustomed to unlimited data transfers and a selection of connection speeds that start at 100 Mb/s.

In addition to our own connection to the Czech internet exchange point, under NIX.CZ, we are also a member of the FENIX network. FENIX is an exclusive club of verified leading network operators and content providers formed to operate a secure section of domestic internet service resistant again mass DDoS attacks to the internet infrastructure. If such an attack should occur, servers in our network will remain accessible at least to the customers of other participants of the FENIX network. In addition to membership in the FENIX network, we have further bolstered our DDoS protection by operating our own scrubbing centre and, in it, intelligent active communication filters in our own network.

The advantage of hosting at Coolhousing, however, is not limited to speed or protection from DDoS attacks. If your services are directed toward the Slovakian market, then you should make note of the fact that, in addition to NIX.CZ, we are also members of the sister network, NIX.SK as well as a second Slovak network, SIX. At the same time, we regard communication to both Slovak networks as domestic, and so the same rules apply: unlimited data transfers and speeds of 100 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s. International connectivity of our network is ensured through membership in the peering exchange point DE-CIX in Germany and AMS-IX in the Netherlands, and further through the networks of a trio of multinational operators.

You can be sure that, just as we have grown and developed in the past ten years, we are preparing a range of innovations for you in the future as well.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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