Celebrating 4 years in NIX.cz

Server Hosting COOLHOUSING today celebrates 4 years in NIX network. During these 4 years we were able to duplicate NIX connection and implement IPv6 peering. In addition, we have also begun routing by "Route servers" to develop a the most advantageous connections for our customers. Our activities in the future will be heading to get strongher lines to NIX, to the promotion of IPv6 connections and to increase the number of peering partners.

NIX.cz Coolhousings traffic

NIX.CZ – Neutral Internet eXchange of not only Czech Republic

NIX.CZ, z.s.p.o. (Professional Association of Legal Entities) is a company which associates Czech and foreign Internet related businesses in order to mutually interconnect their networks. The access to the infrastructure is enabled at four localities in Prague.

At the present time, NIX.CZ is the largest neutral IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in Czech Republic and it is also among top 10 largest European IXPs. Consistent planning, sophisticated technical solution and 24/7/365 technical support lead to failure-free operation of the node. The association encourages and facilitates IPv6 protocol based peering since 2003.

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