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Central UPS 70NET 40/33

A new central UPS providing higher protection of client devices against power failure was installed in the premises of COOLHOUSING.NET data center. It is a modern UPS with excellent input parameters without the necessity of complementing additional filters, multi-pulse rectifiers, etc. UPS 70NET series works on an on-line basis with dual voltage conversion. Controlling of the power supply and parallel cooperation is based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This revolutionary principle ensures very fast response to any load requirements and requirements of the UPS itself. It optimizes battery charging and ensures uniform load of parallel-connected UPSs.

The UPS power supply excels in a very good power factor on input (0.98) and minimum harmonic distortion of drawn power (THD 5%). Such parameters are necessary for trouble-free cooperation with existing motor generator of a relatively low power.

UPS 70NET series can be lined up in parallel redundantly up to amount of 8 units. The individual UPSs share the load evenly. If the UPSs are lined up in N+1 mode, then the failure or shut-down of any UPS is without delay in supplying the load. In such case the remaining on-line power supplies pick over the load. All units are fully autonomous and a failure or mishandling of one does not affect the performance of the others, thereby not affecting the load. Parallel cooperation can be cancelled in the future and use the mentioned UPSs for other applications with lower withdraw or less critical load.

Every UPS has its own batteries stored in the lower part of the unit. Used batteries are lead, maintenance-free, closed with a valve, based on acid fixed in micro-porous substance.


UPS Type 70NET 40/33
Manufacturer CHLORIDE (leading worldwide manufacturer)
Principle of power source on-line, dual conversion, power factor corrector on input, thermo-controlled battery charging + min. ripple = extending effective life
Input voltage 3 NPE mid. 3 x 400V
Voltage tolerance 280 – 460 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance +/-10%
Input current THD 7 %
Power factor 0,97
Output power 40kVA / 32kW at ambient temperature over 25 °C44kVA / 35kW at ambient temperature under 25 °C
Overload capacity 125% / 5min, 150% / 30s
Output voltage 3NPE mid. 3×380/400V/415V (selectable range at installation)
Output frequency 50/60 Hz
Type VRLA-AGM lead, maintenance-free, closed with valve, 10 years effective life
Back-up timeInternal battery Active load – 6 min. / PC-type load – 10 min.
Other parameters
Efficiency 97% (ECO MODE), 92% (on-line)
Protection IP 21
UPS dimensions (WxHxD) 550 x 1600 x 800 mm
Weight 520 kg (including internal batteries)
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Recommended temperature +15 to +24 °C (to preserve battery effective life)

Parameters listed for a single UPS unit.

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