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Change of the CoolEMAIL Service

The CoolEMAIL Service parameters has just changed. As of now, all existing and, of course, newly created email boxes will be hosted on a new mail server technology and the software webmail interface will change as well, to Roundcube.

The new mail server will ensure higher service stability and better responses. Current customer email, filter and contact data will be copied during the transition. Support of barely used services like GroupWare, Jabber, Calender, Notes, Documents and Tasks in the webmail interface will be discontinued.

On contrary, we decided to increase the disk space, significantly. The current space of 80GB has increased to 120GB for each domain. Apart from the disk size, stability, reliability and availability mean the CoolEMAIL email hosting program is an ideal solution for your mailhosting.

The CoolEMAIL program can be ordered as a part of each service in our portfolio. You will get 15,000 MB for your emails and up to 7×15,000 MB space for periodically performed backups, unlimited amount of e-mail boxes, unlimited amount of mail subdomains and a catch-all mailbox, of course.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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