Dial Telecom

Change of one of the transit connectivity providers

On Mondays afternoon (Feb. 1. 2010) we entered into cooperation with the Dial Telecom company which has become the provider of the entire BGP registry (i.e. all Internet services) for Coolhousing server hosting services from now on. Although the change occurred during full operation, our customers have received no outage, i.e. the availability of our services has not been compromised in any manner. We are convinced that all our customers will benefit from this change.

Dial Telecom, a public limited company and a member of the prime international Dial Telecom Group, is a provider of a full range of voice, data and Internet services with guaranteed availability throughout the Czech Republic. Dial Telecom operates its own optical network.

The Dial Telecom company owns and operates extensive infrastructure of fibre optic cables and proprietary protective cable ducts. This backbone infrastructure incorporates metropolitan, country and international optical network and is the basis for operating higher network levels. The technology that uses the optical network as the basic transmission layer is usually based on DWDM, CWDM, L2, Ethernet and MPLS. The network operates two independent 10 Gbps connections to NIX nodes and two independent connections to transit IP providers; the capacity of these connections is also 10 Gbps. Dial Telecom ranges among major partners of peering centres in abroad (SIX, Decix, Linx, Amsix, KleyRex, ECIX).

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