Christmas offer of virtual servers

Christmas offer of virtual servers only until the end of 2016!

Have you bought presents for your family, yet? And what about yourself and your business? Give yourself a fast and multiple virtual server under the Christmas tree with a limited 25% discount!

The Coolhousing data center presents Christmas 25% discount on the virtual servers (VPS) until the end of 2016! You have to have it! Are you capacity limited by hosting yet and don´t want to invest a huge amount of money in dedicated servers or server hosting? Virtual private servers are ideal solution for you: guaranteed high performance, reliability with perfect connectivity for a third of the price in comparison with serverhosting.

Virtual private server fits to:

  • e-shop owner
  • complex sites with many applications
  • larger companies
  • sites with intensive traffic
  • internet projects

Virtualization and cloud are in! Be prepared with Coolhousing for better performance in 2017! More information: https://www.coolhousing.net/en/virtual-private-server

Virtual server

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