Coffee and water for everyone in our DC

Many technicians and clients spend a lot of time in the foyer of our datacenter. For a long time, we've been thinking how to make your work and visit more enjoyable. And since we know that most IT administrators love good coffee, we've placed a new automatic coffee maker in our foyer that will make great coffee in a few seconds.

You will find a brand new Saeco automatic coffee maker that make a delicious espresso or espresso lungo with beautiful and rich froth on the right from the entrance in the foyer. For the more demanding coffee drinkers, who are looking for capuccino or latte macchiato, we have prepared a simple tutorial with which you can easily prepare these types of drink. If you are not sure in the tutorial, ask datacenter operator for help, they will be happy to advise you.

Together with the coffee maker, we have placed a barrel with the high quality spring water, which has both a cooling and a heating system. Thus, in the summer, you can be cooled down with water about 17 degrees and with hot tea in the winter.

We hope, that this foyer upgrade will cheer you up and we look forward to meeting you not only with a cup of delicious coffee.

Coolhousing team


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