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Contractual commitments are taking a vacation all summer!

We have given contracts for definite periods a break. During the entire summer vacation period, you will get the same advantages from Coolhousing as were previously only available with a two-year commitment. So with monthly payment you can enjoy server housing for a mere CZK 555!

Coolhousing has been offering this complete server housing for this price for several months already, but this summer is your first opportunity to acquire for a monthly fee the placement of a server with average output of up to 50 W in our data centre in central Prague, backed up with a 100 Mb/s connection to NIX and 16 MB/s transit connectivity, back-up power and of course 24-hour daily monitoring, absolutely without a commitment.

This special deal applies to all server housing services and rental of racks and dedicated servers. Server housing begins at the mentioned CZK 555 per month, and a dedicated server with an Intel Core i3, 8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard disk costs CZK 1,312 per month, and finally, a 42U rack without a contractually defined output costs CZK 5,500.

“Experience has shown us that the overwhelming majority of customers without contractual commitments end up using the ordered service for as long as such commitment would have been in effect. From our communication with customers, we know that when they decide for server housing, they do so following careful consideration, taking into account factors such as the sustainability and development of their business activities. Since at Coolhousing we always strive to be absolutely transparent, we have decided to give commitments a summer vacation and to try reducing the basic price to correspond with the discount that customers would have received from such commitments. We believe that this approach will pay off,” explains Jiří Dvořák, Sales Manager for Coolhousing.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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