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NEW! Cool IT News 1

With a beginning of Autumn/Fall comes a change in Coolhousing! News from the world of IT are disappearing and coming new section Cool IT News, which will focus on special topics in the field of IT security, programming and networking. Look forward to new content, new graphic and new information. Let us know how you like the change!

LinuxDays 2016 is very close

The fifth annual Czech LinuxDays conference will take place on the 8th and 9th October in campus of CTU in Dejvice at the Faculty of Information Technology in Prague. Conference LinuxDays replaced formerly popular LinuxExpo in 2012 and accented part with lectures. The program includes both popular personalities of Czech Unix and security scene – for example Dominik Joe Pantůček – but even foreign guests like Christian Aistleinter whose lectures will aim to functioning of SSL / TLS certificates. More information

Riot – opponent for Slack?

This week a presentation of open-source alternatives to team communication service Slack took place. Besides, that Riot competes to Slack in the form of open-source version in addition, entire service is decentralized and offers powerful end-to-end encryption improved by Double Ratchet algorithm Olm. Currently Riot is available for Android, iOS, or as a web application. More information

GNU Bash introduces new variables

Every decent admin must know how to script, at least. A place on the most popular Unix shells regularly fights file tcsh and bash. Now bash comes in the new version – 4.4. This brings several new features, from which the most interesting is the addition of variables EXECIGNORE and BASH_LOADABLE_PATHS. A new version of the GNU Readline Library 7.0 for working with

command line was updated, as well. Important safety errors

Critical errors in MySQL

The new series of critical errors were recorded in all previous versions of MySQL, including 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 A remote attacker could, for example, under certain circumstances foist their own settings into my.cnf, which lead to fully access to control of the database. Therefore, It is recommended to update. More information

Update your WordPress

WordPress belongs among the most popular solution of its kind. Many users personal blogs, sites and company presentations run on WordPress. Now it turned out that with the help of appropriate adjustments of name of the uploaded image it can load an error XSS (cross-site-scripting). The error has been corrected and we highly recommend to update to the new version 4.6.1. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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