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Cool IT News no. 100 brings you a unique collection of news from the previous period. We will look at how CZ.NIC published a detailed analysis of registrations of the national domain CZ last year. Google announced GSoC and also offered a registration of new TLD domain.

Google announced GSoC 2019

Summer of Code 2019 by Google

And here is it. Google Summer of Code 2019 was officially launched. There are 207 open-source projects, which offer jobs for students from all over the world. They can improve their programming during the summer and earn some money thanks to Google. GSoC's traditional projects are for example Blender, Creative Commons, Debian, Drupal, Fedora, FFmpeg, FreeBSD, Gentoo, GNOME, GNU GCC, Inkscape, KDE, LibreOffice, LLVM, Moodle, Mozilla, and more. More information

New domain for developers

Google has started to registering TLD domains .dev. It has also transferred a part of its existing services to this domain, such as,, and Everybody can register .dev domain without restrictions, not only with Google, but with all common domain registrators. So if you are a great developer or want to shine, you have the option now. More information

CZ.NIC published CZ domain report 2018

CZ.NIC and its domain statistics 2018

CZ.NIC, the official administrator of the CZ national domain, has published a statistical overview of our national domain for 2018. The analysis of content is very interesting. For example the most common length of domain names or the share of DNSSEC-secured domains. It is also very interesting, that 16.076 domains were registered per month in 2018, while the share of individuals and legal entities is around 50/50. More information

Remote Code Exection in WordPress

Security news

WordPress & six-year leak

CMS WordPress is one of the most widely used solutions of its kind in the world. Very sad is the fact that six-year old critical vulnerability was detected. That allows to run the underlined PHP code with minimal rights. The vulnerability has been already fixed in version 5.0.3. More information

Another attack on CPU Intel

Hackers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and University of Lubeck have discovered a new vulnerability in Intel processors. It is labeled as SPOILER and, according to the authors, there is no available software fix yet. It can be assumed that future solutions will degrade performance similarly to Specter or Meltdown issues. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

dedicated server sale

Sale of dedicated server

Coolhousing Datacenter comes with a great sale of Supermicro E3-1220v3 with 4 CPU, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1TB HDD and 1Gbps connectivity. Do not miss this opportunity with price value offer! More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák


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