Cool IT News 101

Cool !T News 101

Welcome to the last Cool IT News. We have changed and added new topics for better and easier overview.


First exascale supercomputer soon?

Argonne National Laboratory would like to present new supercomputer Aurora in two years. The PC should belong to exascale area, thus achieve of one exaFLOPS (bilion operations per second). Intel and Cray are involved in this cooperation. More information

How did the first iPhone look like?

Do you like building of something new from hardware? If so, you are not alone at all. Even big boys like to play, as you can see. From what? Well, maybe on the newly released photos of the first iPhone prototype. The motherboard, which looks like someone made it at home, is equipped with a SIM card slot, an antenna for wifi and bluetooth, a display and of course with processor. It is quite a unique look into Apple’s kitchen.
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Firefox will have new password manager

Mozilla has unveiled the Lockbox password manager within canceled project Test Pilot. It is available for iOS and should be listed for Android soon. However, it will also be part of the Firefox desktop, where it offer secure password storage and cloud sync over Firefox Sync. More information

Content of Google Plus will be preserved

We have already informed you, social network Google Plus will be shut down. However, if you do not manage to download all the content before April 2, when the service should be ended, don´t panic. Everything will be backed up in Internet Archive.
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From the Czech Republic

Wikipedia protests against reform of the law

Czech Wikipedia has joined to the initiative highlights possible consequences of copyright reform proposed by the European Union. Therefore, on Thursday, March 21, it closed its website for the whole day, referring to the European Parliament’s website with a call for citizens to contact their representatives and ask them to veto this law.
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Czech sign at the IETF

Organization IETF has released a new YANG Schema Mount standard (RFC 8528). It defines an optional extension of YANG for modeling configuration and status data. It wouldn’t be so interesting for most of us. However, there is interesting fact, that the whole standard has a significant Czech sign. Ladislav Lhotka from CZ.NIC laboratories is one of authors.
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PuTTY fixes 8 vulnerabilities

Eight security leaks are being repaired by a new version of the popular SSH client PuTTY. The new release comes after almost a year and three quarters from the previous, and we strongly encourage all users to update it.
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Tails fixed Intel´s vulnerabilities

The new version of distribution Tails (3.13) got not only kernel 4.19.28, but also microcode CPU Intel with version 3.20180807a.2, which resolve new versions of Specter, Meltdown and L1TF. Of course, there is more news in the distribution.
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What is PuTTY?

What is PuTTY and how to set it?

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

dedicated server sale

Sale of dedicated server

Coolhousing Datacenter comes with a great sale of Supermicro E3-1220v3 with 4 CPU, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1TB HDD and 1Gbps connectivity. Do not miss this opportunity with price value offer! More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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